Movie Review-Bunnyman Massacre


Review-In 2012, I got to see the first Bunnyman film and it made my number one worst films of the year. I made so many comments about this film and its concept not working, and then made light that they are making a sequel. I will say right now, director Carl Lindbergh must have read all the bad reviews and took them as a way to show people that the concept can work. Bunnyman Massacre is 2014 biggest shock; this is what the last Texas Chainsaw film should have been. If you have not seen the first one, no need to worry, within the first three minutes of this film you will know all you need to know. Take the concept of the TCM and add a rabbit costume instead of a leather faced killer and you have what this film is about. This film just starts off with its foot to the gas and does not let up till the ending credits, this film makes no excuses about what is out to achieve, it is out to give you a bloodbath. This film is just a wet dream of kills and boobs, and just all out violence that will make any gore hound very happy. The film centers around this Bunnyman and Joe who love to kill anyone, and seem to really love to torture and murder women and children. This time out, the kills are a little more over the top and a few of them very creative.

Where the first film really had a silly plot with bad dialogue, this time out the plot is a little smarter and the acting is not so bad. Our two are going on a killing spree and kidnap two girls, one of the girls makes a deal that she can find the two more girls in a half hour, for the right for her and her friend to go free. Of course, she finds some girls for them to torture but the two are not on the up about the deal which creates two people that try to fight back and escape. There are a few bumps in this otherwise good little road, one of them being the face to face with Joe and a cop that gets a little too “Hollywood” and silly. Another being when a girl is on the roof and he throws a hook and it just hooks into her without him even knowing how far up there she is or no clear shot of her. Again, those are issues but what you get with this film I can handle those small problems. This film clearly gives us an ending where us the viewer who have a history with horror know it is not quite over yet, which this time out I am stoked about how this could end. All in all, Bunnyman Massacre is that film you should seek out while we have this dry time at the multiplex with horror films. From start to ending this is a cruel, cold and very fun bloodbath. In a film when the only character you feel for is the killer, you know you are going to enjoy what this film gives you. This is a must see.

8 out of 10