Movie Review- Australiens


Review-If the world is ever abducted by aliens and seem to want to hang out Australia, remind me to bring the beer. Australiens is a fun little film that follows this wannabe punk rocker named Andi who has been telling people with no one really believing her that aliens are coming for her. The humor in this film reminded me so much of Hot Fuzz, The material is either going to make you smile, smirk or giggle or you will feel that this is not for you. There is just no other way to put this film. This film showcases a lesson that Hollywood constantly misses out on, that creative minds can do more than heavy bank accounts. The film really starts to find itself when the attack happened and we see Andi’s mom is abducted. That is when the film really shows it was very well thought out. I am not sure if I would call this film a parody, it felt like a refreshing idea to attempt and as it went on, it felt that the joke was basically on itself more than another film. The film really has a dark humor to it that really helps the material work.

There are moments that the film I felt showed its indie roots, especially the way the last half of the film is paced. The thing is that this film really does not try to work, it just works. You can tell that the director had all the faith in the world on the crew involved, it shows. This film has a confidence to it, like it is trying to show you the positives. We have some solid acting, a good sense of humor and we get the joke we are telling. While it tries to hide its negatives, like we also know that the half of this film is going to be very open for criticism and discussion. While film can be seen as a subjective vehicle already, I feel this film is going to have a lot of lovers and a lot of haters, I just do not see many going in the middle. For me, I actually like this film a lot, could be seen as a crush. The film won me over early and kept my attention with its cleverness not to become its own parody. While it almost laughs itself, it does not insult itself. This is one of those small films that I feel could come on late night television one night and start a buzz. All in all, this film was more fun that it has any right to be, and if you want to have a fun time and get some laughs, this could be your film.

8 out of 10