Wrestling Review-YouShoot-Joey Ryan


Review-Boy thanks Sean Oliver, the first time I get my wife to sit with me and watch a YouShoot and it is Joey Ryan. There goes my marriage. This month the awesome people at Kayfabe Commentaries are back with a new YouShoot. This is the interview that Sean will tell you, only the bravest in the business have the guts to do. They sit back and let the public ask all the questions. If you want to know how popular this concept is, watch a WWE PPV they do a watered down fake version of it called “ Social Lounge”. That is the segment their talent have a seat and are fed questions that Kevin Dunn wrote up and put fake Twitter handles on for a guest. Joey Ryan, I discovered him on the Hulk Hogan wrestling show. Then found out, “ that is the guy I been watching on PWG tapes”. Joey Ryan also used to be a Klienrock guy as well. Having wrestled in the failed XPW reboot and the MTV wrestling show that gave us a ton of talent and guest commentators who did not know much about the product trying to keep up with Kris Kloss.

Joey has been biting, crawling and scratching in indies till he got his break in his biggest indie promotion to date TNA. Joey was a lot like Nigel when he was in TNA. He was the one the management did not know what to do with, but the crowd seemed to embrace for their pasts. Of course, Ryan would become famous for doing the Sexxy Eddy gimmick of pretending his penis is this mighty deal. Onto the shoot, and I have to say this was a homerun. Joey Ryan did not disappoint and he was hammered with a ton of questions that not one star in WWE or TNA would ever sit back and answer. The majority of this shoot of course was about the porn industry and his ex girlfriend who is a porn star. Joey goes into detail about their relationship and does harp on about his penis. I loved that Joey was open about his TNA run, and also open about his other indie involvements. There were no mentions about his stint on Wrestling Society X or XPW, but he did talk about behind the scenes on the Hulk Hogan wrestling show. Sean Oliver many times decided to end the questions for a few minutes for his own personal questions about dating a porn star. Joey when discussing his heat with Jim Cornette showcased a side of himself that many do not see, he was very well spoken and handled the attacks with class. Sean Oliver on the other hand, he was the more open about the internet attacks and tried to get Joey to crack.

You would expect for someone like Joey Ryan to have an ego or come across as a dick. He actually came across as someone who is very down to earth and soft spoken. He never takes the easy road or dodges controversy but he handles it fairly. When talking about Dixie and TNA, I felt he could have taken the low road but he was very classy and respectful but did mention the issues he had and did not hold back but did it in not a mean spirited way, more like a confused why did that happened way. I felt that at times Joey did hold back, the long pauses on some of his answers was pretty much a sign that he did not want to throw too many people under the bus. There is no other way to break your wife into watching a Shoot Interview than see two grown man watching the Sunny spot in her debut porn film where she farts allegedly. “ Honey they never do this on any Shoot Interview, please do not get mad. Why are you going to your mom’s house”. Joey did talk about his relationship with Tammy when they dated for a while as well. All in all, this may open the door for Sean and his crew to maybe do YouShoot porn interviews now. Who would not want to see the gang interview porn stars and answer fan submitted questions?

Now Sean did bring up that Konan stiffed him which happened many years ago, sort of like the YouShoot host that told me 6 months ago he was down for another interview with us and never sent back my questions. Kudos that they again got to my question and that Sean got a laugh out of it, and Joey talked about Paragon Pro Wrestling which was on Pop till TNA came on. All in all, Joey Ryan is a great interview and he is a great wrestler till he talks too much in the ring and calls his spots where a deaf mute across the street would know how the match was going to go. This is a funny and fun YouShoot that you should never ask your wife, girlfriend or baby mama to watch with you. Also, I have a Whataburger across the street from me and Sean Oliver, you need to try one, once in your life.

8.5 out of 10