Movie Review-Winding Stream


Review-Johnny Cash to me can do no wrong. I grew up in North Tonawanda, NY and all my mom wanted to watch it seemed was the Grand Ole Opry or reruns of The Johnny Cash show. This was long before cable and any kind of video taping device. A huge part of my childhood involved hearing Johnny Cash 8 tracks. For Mother’s Day the year it came out, me and my wife took my mom and her boyfriend to see Walk The Line. I feel true Cash fans would find a ton of things to complain about in that film, but I enjoyed it for the most part. The Winding Stream, I will go on record and say I did not enjoy this, I loved it. I wanted to watch this with my mother, and gauge how she felt about this film as much as how I did. This documentary focuses on the story of two families, the Cashes and the Carters. We watch the roots of how the Carter Family would change their act to the Carter Sisters, before Johnny Cash would come into the picture and marry June Carter. This film suffers one huge problem and that is, it is way too short. That being said though, this film has so much depth and gives us stuff that I did not even know existed.

I saw my mom at times have tears in her eyes and she was always a fan of the family of the Carters. I really loved that this film did not really sling mud but it told a fair story. The way it comes across is beautiful and just flows. By the end, I wanted more and sad that the 90 minutes stopped. If you are a fan of Johnny Cash or the Carter’s and want to see the history in a fair way, this would be a great start. From start to finish you get the majority of the history of the families, and it just comes across as solid. This made me want to seek out my Johnny Cash and my Carters stuff and play them. This is when music and artists were important and meant something. Today, music in general is just here today, gone today and no one cares about buying anything. This takes me back to a time when I was young, and discovery of buying that cassette or album I had to have. Johnny Cash has made such a deep impact in my life and my mom as well, this is such a must watch.

9 out of 10