Movie Review-Evil Souls


Review-Evil Souls is a head fucking that manipulates you so much that you are not sure how much more you can take. This is clearly not your parents horror film, it is made for an audience that not only wants to be terrified but wants a shockingly intense ride thru the gates of what hell could be like. I have sat thru Serbian Films, Bunny Games, and etc. but there are some moments in this film that disturbing would not even touch the surface. The imagery in this film alone will stick with you long after you turn off the film. This film has a premise that is thought provoking, so not only is this film built to grab your fears but it also sets out to open your mind. To talk about this film plot will be hard but I will give it a shot not to spoil too much. We meet two women early in the film both childhood friends named Jess and Susan, They go thru some ordeals to find out those there sons are missing. The ordeals they go thru to discover this are not as bad as the ones they awaken to once they get knocked out. Both of them awaken to be chained to a wall. From there we meet Father Albert and a girl he once knew named Maddie who is a prostitute who is lying on the steps of his church.

Well, he tries to help her out but one minute she is gone just vanished. The fun of this film is how all these stories connect to each other. It seems that including Albert, the four of them were childhood friends. We also discover that the three women also took part in some ritual headed by Valentine who is Maddie’s brother. I do not want to go more into this film because it would take away what makes this film such a great little indie horror film. The film opens in beautiful black and white then fast forwards to 25 years later where it has the look and feel of a 70’s Giallo. The music in this film really fits the mood, it is at times unnerving and tense and at others it is creepy and atmospheric. This film does not shy away from violence and gore. The thing about this film I am not sure if they even wanted to shy away, it feels at times this film sets out to not only haunt us but to make us look away in fear. The last act of this film really showcases the beauty of a film like this; it shows just how much passion and thought were put into this film. This is one of the best discoveries of 2015 and such a much watch for people who are sick of the same old shitty horror films that come out. This is some unique and new but yet feels familiar. I was blown away by what this film achieved and will say that this is one of the best surprises of the year for me. Be scared, be very scared.

9 out of 10