Movie Review-Arachnicide


Review-I hate to be negative about a film that going in it, you know what to expect. You do not watch films like Camel Spiders, Lavalantula or Anaconda 17 thinking you are going to get a groundbreaking film that is going to give you all the things you crave. You actually watch them the same reason like when you are hungry you forsaken a great place for junk food. You want that camp and cheese fix. Arachnicide really tries so hard but in the end it just felt very lackluster. The plot is about a researcher who has this incubator of sorts that can accelerate growth to animal and plant life. ( Could you image that working with marijuana) This invention is controlled by the wrong people who take my advice above and want to manufacture drugs. ( smart people) Commandos are sent to stop this operation, and they discover something worst than the drug deal. The positives to this film is that it realizes early on what it is and who will buy into this concept, and they try to cater to them. The film does have some good camp moments that are silly. The acting in this film is hit and miss, the moments it works are easily in the first half of the film. It seems that by the second act in this film that everyone involved may have been involved in this manufactured drugs they were creating.

It just seems that this film loses the direction towards the middle and can never really get back on track. The last part of this film just felt so over scripted and rushed. They really lost what this film truly was shooting for and that audience that they were trying to keep thru the first half. We all know the special effects will be cheesy and this one does not let down. This film feels like what SYFY network will have playing during my usual anal bleaching and fisting. This film is not an entire waste, it has some good moments but as a whole it is just such a misfire. To be serious, this genre of unusually big cheaply made spiders, snakes and sharks is just so old. This genre has been classified as dead, wooden and just horribly wasted opportunities. And this film does not try to change that stand. This is a case of someone trying to get on television more than entertaining.

4.5 out of 10