Metal Review: Iron Mask – Shadow of the Red Baron (2016)

Iron Mask - Shadow of the Red Baron

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Belgian power metal outfit Iron Mask is back with a re-release of their third studio album, Shadow of the Red Baron, a collection of 11 tracks showcasing the band’s prowess. The re-released version includes an additional two tracks as well.

The album opens with the title track, “Shadow of the Red Baron,” which hits the listener like a fiery whirl of fury. The guitar riffs assault the ears and never let us through the run-time of the song. “Sahara” is ultra-catchy and super fun with its great instrumental work. “Black Devil Ship” contains some of the best fun, melodic riffs that they band contains on the album in its entirety.

“Dreams” has potential, but ends up falling flat because of how generic it is. The same can be said by quite a few of the tracks.

In culmination, Iron Mask has something decent in Shadow of the Red Baron and it gets hard to hate on bands like this because the music is good. The main problem is that they are doing a lot of the same as many other bands out there. Musically, they have an advantage over most of those bands though.

Iron Mask – Shadow of the Red Baron Tracklisting

1. Shadow of the Red Baron
2. Dreams
3. Forever in the Dark
4. Resurrection
5. Sahara
6. Black Devil Ship
7. We Will Meet Again
8. Universe
9. My Angel Is Gone
10. Only the Good Die Young
11. Ghost of the Tzar

Iron Mask Line-up

Eric Stout – Drums
Richard Andersson – Keyboard
Vassili Moltchanov – Bass
Roma Siadletski – Vocals
Dushan Petrossi – Guitar, Keyboard
Goetz “Valhalla Jr” Mohre – Vocals