Metal Review: Doomsday Ceremony – Black Heart (2016)

Doomsday Ceremony - Black Heart

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Brazil’s black metal troupe Doomsday Ceremony is back with their sophomore effort, Black Heart. The band has been around since 2000, but have not had much output in their tenure. Hopefully, their latest release will change that.

The opening track, “Vultures of War,” shows that the band has musical talent showing off some nice lead guitar chops not seen too often from similar bands these days. “I Am” opens with a guttural fury and leads into controlled chaos meant to break the listener into submission. Its varying tempo shifts are an excellent twist to the track and there are some great double vocal work.

“Voice of the Darkness” has some of the best guitar work on the entire album. The riffs are sweet, but the midsection of the song is where the true power happens with some nice melodic guitar riffs. “Valley of the Shadows” should the entire spectrum of what the band can sound like at their full glory with so many added elements to the tracks.

Doomsday Ceremony

At the end of the day, the tracks on Black Heart are powered by spot-on instrument work, but the raspy vocals are on point and strengthen each track even further. Doomsday Ceremony shows that they are no slouches on any aspect of their music. They are solid musically and technically with exquisite song structures and the band simply kicks ass, which is all that you need to know. You have to check out this release.

Doomsday Ceremony – Black Heart Tracklisting

1. Vultures of War
2. I Am
3. Voice of the Darkness
4. Intro
5. Slaves of Sin
6. Intro
7. Black Heart
8. Valley of Shadows
9. Fury

Doomsday Ceremony Line-up

Moloch – Vocals
Ciriato – Guitars, Keyboards
Shaitan – Bass
Wolff – Drums
Rieche – Guitars

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