Metal Review: Coffin Lust – Manifestation of Inner Darkness (2016)

Coffin Lust - Manifestation of Inner Darkness

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Australian death metal tyrants Coffin Lust features J.R. and P.W. who hail from bands such as Nocturnal Graves, Denouncement Pyre, Destruktor, among others, so they are not newcomers to the genre.

With Manifestation of Inner Darkness, the band shows that they mean business. As you would expect from the song titles, Coffin Lust’s deep dark sound is about as evil as it gets with some truly maniacal guttural vocals that sound as if from the devil himself.

The album opens with “Excoriation of Morality,” an evil contrived piece of dark music showcasing the band’s aptitude for writing heavy riffs and smashing the sound barrier with guttural madness. As the track varies its tempo varies, the sense of evil portrayed in the song makes more of an impact. The slower parts of the track become the most evil.

“Beyond Redemption” has some wicked riffs made to melt the listener’s ears. The vocals become deeper and darker and the drums are pounding the listener into submission. “Mass Extinction” ramps up the speed and aggression while “Chaos Absolute” offers more of the same anger as the previous tracks. “Swarming Black Inferno” hearkens back to the days of old school thrash metal mixed with classic death metal and makes for a nice throwback type of track.

At the end of the day, Coffin Lust’s Manifestation of Inner Darkness makes for a great listen and a great throwback to classic sounds with their raw energy.

Coffin Lust – Manifestation of Inner Darkness Tracklisting

1. Execration of Mortality
2. Beyond Redemption
3. Chaos Absolute
4. Swarming Black Inferno
5. Damnation’s Bringer
6. Prophecy of Malevolence
7. Manifestation of Inner Darkness