Movie Review-The Conduit


Review-It just seems in life when you are at your most vulnerable and feel things cannot get worst for you, they also seem to. Eddie has had a bad stream of luck, he is going thru a bad divorce and is haunted by events of his childhood. Eddie decides to go back to his hometown to try and pick up the pieces of his life and start over. One night about 4am he decides to call his ex wife and after the phone call he is more broken than ever and decides to try and kill himself. The attempt fails and Eddie finds himself in a therapy group trying to fix his life. The group all seem open to talk about their issues and problems except one named Amy. By some odd chance, Eddie and Amy seem to hook up. We soon realize that maybe this chance encounter was something that may have been planned, and that Amy may not be who she seems to be. The Conduit tells a good story for the most part. The two main characters Amy and Eddie, we are fascinated by and we watch this story unfold around them. At first, we watch Amy try to heal Eddie and stop his fear of the dark for the issues from childhood. Then, we watch as Eddie tries to get Amy off of drugs and what he thinks is cleaning her life up. Soon, Eddie is plagued by bad dreams and people and a dog missing that all seem to be linked to Amy in some odd way. The horror elements in the film are small, but the storytelling was compelling where we felt intrigued enough to want to see how it all plays out.

My issue with this film is the last 10 minutes and the twist they try to sell us. It seems that the film got lost, and sadly enough did not know how to finish this story. The film has some very chilling moments that work for the most part but then the next scene comes and sorts of underplays the last scene. I know people get hurt and wounded in life, but there is no way that a man will fall that fast for a woman. She was moving in before they even hung out. “ I do not know you, but you want to live with me”? It seems a little farfetched. Now, I been on dates and things moved fast, but not moving in before I even had a conversation fast. The rushiness of some of the moments just feels a little too much. If this film would have just been basic and more realistic. “ I enjoyed you over, you want to hang out here again today”? That would have been better, built up something. The scenes with the police asking questions was a little silly. You go into a guy’s home to ask questions, a girl is laying down in front of you in panties and she says “ fucking”. All faults to the side, the film for the most part was like reading a good suspense drama that was heavy on talking and plot. The film has many issues, but for the most part it was a decent little watch that I feel some people will really for the most part enjoy.

7 out of 10