Music Review-Walls of Jericho-No One Can Save You From Yourself


01. Intro
02. Illusion Of Safety
03. No One Can Save You From Yourself
04. Forever Militant
05. Fight The Good Fight
06. Cutbird
07. Relentless
08. Damage Done
09. Reign Supreme
10. Wrapped In Violence
11. Anthem
12. Beyond All Praise
13. Probably Will

Vocals: Candace Kucsulain
Guitar: Chris Rawson
Guitar: Mike Hasty
Drums: Dustin Schoenhofer
Bass: Aaron Ruby

Review-In 1999, I heard this band that sounded like a cross of Slayer meets Karyn Crisis called Walls of Jericho. That year, I called The Bound Feed The Gagged the best album of the year. It has such a violent catchiness and intense orgasm of energy. This was not some “female in metal” doing some poses and trying to sell an image, this was someone who was trying to stand out and break down the barriers and show that gender means nothing, it is the heart and passion you have that matters. Candace from the cover of Law Of Inertia to being hailed as the “queen of the underground”, you just knew listening to that record that this band is the real deal. Walls of Jericho each record have made it a point to grow and show people they are more than screaming to thrash riffs or banging drums to riot a pit. After an 8 year absence, the band has returned with their latest cd, No One Can Save You From Yourself. The first vibe I got from this record, they wanted to incorporate their past and present mindset for an attack from every angle. This is a record that just comes right out of the gates in furious fashion with Illusion of Safety. It sounds like the modern day Misanthropy. If you are a fan of this band, this song is going to grab you by the throat and show that you Candice and this band are still passionate but yet very intense.

The title track showcases this band complimenting each other. The band sounds like it is so ready to hit the road and destroy the crowds with this attack. The groove on this song is just so insanely catchy. This song is just full of such epic riffs. Speaking of epic riffing, Forever Militant, the next track just comes at you like a runaway roller coaster. As this record goes on, you can tell the band have a renewed passion and so much energy. This time, the calm is not before the storm, it is after. The final song Probably Will, is a ballad that showcases Candace’s beauty in her vocal delivery. The nakedness of her taking down her shield, and show people that there is more to her than screaming. This song is just such a shock, it sounds like what you would expect in a James Bond film. What a beautiful song, talk about a song that should get a video and make radio play. I can picture people not knowing this band and buying the cd for this one song and getting the other tracks. This is easily one of the best records of 2016 so far, and I am glad to see that this band did not want to come back and copy a trend and stuck to their guns. The Walls of Jericho are going to crush you with this album.

10 out of 10