Movie Review-Bunny the Killer Thing


Review-Just when you thought all cabin in the woods type of films are all the same. The film opens with this couple going into the cabin. When they get inside, there are a few guys in ski masks and they kill the female, and then tie up the male. While the male is tied up, they decide to do an experiment on him. They inject him with something and next thing you know he breaks free and runs thru the snow and woods. After this odd opening, we meet a group of friends who decide to go to that same cabin to hang out and relax. Once they get there is when their problems begin. This concept is so batshit insane, I am not even sure how to describe it. The guy it seems who was experimented on, has transformed into a giant mutant like rabbit who has this huge cock and screams out for pussy. If you are easily offended, this film is not for you. This little Finnish horror film seeks out fast to offend everyone as much as they can. Like Jason with his machete, the rabbit swings his cock around and his way of killing people is by rape. Do not worry, the bunny is not the only thing that sets out to offend the audience, the characters also join in. One of the character is a young teen boy who loves to masturabate any chance he gets.

There is also a girl character who wears a mask around her mouth, that when we finally realize why she has it, it is very disturbing. We also get a lesbian rape scene, yes a lesbian rape scene. This film was like if Todd Solondz directed a horror film. Do not worry, it also attacks homosexuality for males as well. The last ten minutes of this film, was just mind blowing odd. I was feeling like there is nothing else this film could throw at me, and they seemed to find a way to throw more at me. This film from the opening to the ending, had me laughing and shocked. There is not minute in this film that I felt easy and that I knew where this film could be heading. This film is insanity, brilliant and mental. There is one scene I wish I can do unsee, it involves the girl in the mask and the bunny. His little comment after that encounter, will offend most women, fuck that, all women. I would say if films like Someone’s Knocking at the Door and Happiness are in your happy zone, this film is going to blow you away. I cannot wait to see this film again, and again. This is a film you want to invite your friends over and get drunk and maybe vitamins and other things, and then sit back and get ready to be floored. This is not a must see film, this is a disturbing warning that film is no longer for entertainment but for making people talk and get shocked. This film successfully does both.

10 out of 10