Metal Review: Thornbridge – What Will Prevail (2016)

Thornbridge - What Will Prevail

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It is really hard to give too much praise to decent power metal bands these days as most bands sound identical to what we think the power metal formula is. Is is also just as hard to criticize these bands because what they are doing is not bad. It is just not entirely original.

Thornbridge seems to be able to straddle that line of being a band that has more tendencies of being a good power metal band. The guitars, as you would expect, are razor sharp and the vocals are clean and dynamic in range. The downsides to their sound are few. Their latest offering, What Will Prevail, is a shining example of what a successful power metal band should sound like.

After a brief intro, the band comes out with “Blow Up the Gates of Hell.” Outside of the horrible song title, the track is pretty strong with the guitars leading the charge on this one. They also have a great midsection and solo. Next out of the gate is “The Dragon’s Reborn” and shows the weak elements of the band with the power metal formula followed to the letter making this an uninspired song.

The title track, “What Will Prevail,” opens with some infectious guitar riffs and some classic speed metal stylings, but the energy of the opening does not last for the entire track.

After the opening track and the title track, the rest of the album really does nothing for me outside of being listenable. Sure, the album is marginal, but there is nothing making me want to listen to this over any other power metal band out there.

Thornbridge – What Will Prevail Tracklisting

1. Intro
2. Blow Up the Gates of Hell
3. The Dragon’s Reborn
4. What Will Prevail
5. Coachman’s Curse
6. Symphony of the Battllefieldx
7. Eternal Life
8. Neverwinter Nights
9. Under the Ice
10. Tower of Lies
11. Galley of Horror

Thornbridge line-up

Patrick Rogalski – Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
Jörg Naneder – Vocals, Guitars
Patrick Burghard – Bass
Maximilian Glück – Drums