Metal Review: Mangled – Involuntary Organ Donor (2016)

Mangled - Involuntary Organ DonorFormed in 2011, Atlanta death metal horde Mangled are back with their latest EP, Involuntary Organ Donor, a collection of three brutal death metal tracks meant to slaughter the senses.

Mangled plays a style of sludgy death metal with vocals that sound as if they came from Satan himself. The music sounds sloppy at times, but make no mistake that the riffs are played with pinpoint accuracy.

The title track, “Involuntary Organ Donor,” is a crushing mix of guitar riffs and guttural shouts by Ryan “Chen” that play so well off of each other. “Butchery Loves Company” is definitely not your momma’s rock track and is a chaotic frenzy of speed and aggression mixed into a tiny ball made to melt the listener’s face off. Even during the slower riffs, you cannot help but bang your head.

At the end of the day. Mangled’s Involuntary Organ Donor is a brutal, aggressive mix of three tracks that will destroy the listener without even an apology and I would have it no other way.

Mangled – Involuntary Organ Donor Tracklisting

1. They’re Not Gonna Stay Down There Anymore
2. Involuntary Organ Donor
3. Butchery Loves Company

Mangled Line-up

Matt Moyer – Bass, Vocals
Joe Sweat – Drums
John Manger – Guitars
Ryan “Chen” – Vocals
Rafay Nabeel – Guitars

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