Metal Review: Barbarian (Italy) – Cult of the Empty Grave (2016)

Barbarian (Italy) - Cult of the Empty GraveItalian death/extreme metal horde Barbarian is back with their third studio album in Cult of the Empty Grave and it kicks ass. The band takes a classic death metal sound mixing it with classic metal stylings into a nice mix.

The album opens with “Bridgeburner,” which has an epic death metal feel to it with Iron Maiden influenced guitar riffs, which ends up with a brilliant sound that I am falling in love with. Even the thick, crunchy bass sound is present. “Whores of Redemption” adds more of a punk feel, but the bass is ever present and adds a little extra punch to the song.

“Absolute Metal” and “Supreme Gift” truly show the band’s thrash metal tendencies with the former sounding like it was taken from Metallic’a Kill ’em All outtakes.

At the end of the day, Cult of the Empty Grave is doing something a little special and Barbarian ended up making an extremely sticky album that I cannot stop listening to.

Barbarian (Italy) – Cult of the Empty Grave Tracklisting

1. Bridgeburner
2. Whores of Redemption
3. Cult of the Empty Grave
4. Absolute Metal
5. Supreme Gift
6. Bone Knife
7. Remoreless Fury

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