Metal Review: Wicked Maraya – Lifetime in Hell (2016)

Wicked Maraya - Lifetime in Hell

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New York melodic death metal band Wicked Maraya has recently unearthed some master copies of its unreleased 1991 album, Lifetime in Hell, and is making the album available now over 25 years later.

The album opens with “Sounds of Evil,” and almost formulaic track with standard riff work and vocals, but always with something that seems like it is ready to break through. The opener is followed by the title track, “Lifetime in Hell,” a kick-ass track much different than the mediocre opening track. It is catchy and has some very sweet guitar riffs and background vocal work.

Tomorrow’s Child is much more melodic with some fun verse sections and an uber-catchy chorus. “Johnny” is a song that fans should know since it was released as part of another album. It is still as raw and fun as ever here.

At the end of the day, it is nice to hear Lifetime in Hell after all of these years of hearing about this album. For fans of the band, it is a welcomed treat that rewards the longtime fans of an underrated band.

Wicked Maraya – Lifetime in Hell Tracklisting

01. Sounds of Evil
02. Lifetime in Hell
03. Tomorrow’s Child
04. Crash & Burn (Idiot’s Delight)
05. Seizure
06. Johnny
07. The Calling
08. River Runs Black
09. Blackout
10. Fall From Grace
11. Suicidal Dawn

Wicked Maraya Line-up

Lou Falco – Vocals
John Iadevaio – Bass
Michael Iadevaio – Guitar
Dan Malsch – Guitar
Mike Nack – Drums