Metal Review: Dethrone: Incinerate All (2016)

Dethrone - Incinerate All

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Unfortunately, there are far too many cookie cutter bands out there that have plenty of talent, but no originality. They tend to all be playing the same style of extreme metal these days. There are also those few bands that do a lot of what others are doing, but do it extremely well and have just enough originality to set themselves apart from the herd. This is where the powerhouse Dethrone album Incinerate All falls. The Swedish thrash/death metal band brings their sophomore album and follow-up to 2013’s Humanity and it is something special.

Incinerate All is heavy, and when I say heavy, that means that it feels like a ten ton brick dropping on your head. Simon Lundh’s drums are astounding at times, but always heavy even when they seem standard. The twin guitar attack of Jonas Carlsson and David Hartikainen is sharp as a razor and as dynamic as you can expect all while still playing some classic styled riffs.

The album opens with “Reborn in Fire,” which sounds like a phoenix being reborn in a hail of fire and dropping bombs on to the listener’s head. The album moves straight into “The Plague Carrier” and before long, the shrieking terror screams hit the listener’s ears. There is also some of the best bass work of the album on this track.

While the band was only formed in 2011 and only have a small sampling of work from a demo and two full-length efforts, their work is mature beyond the members’ years and there are many bright elements in this band’s future.

The biggest flaw with Incinerate All is that Dethrone sparingly mixes up their sound. If you want to hear ten nearly identical songs, this is it. There are some distinguishing factors if you dig deeply, but the riffs begin to sound the same and the hammering drums do not vary much from the style in their first few songs. If that is the worst criticism I can give Dethrone, then I am surely singing their praises.

Dethrone – Incinerate All Tracklisting

1. Reborn In Fire
2. The Plague Carrier
3. Rat King
4. Morbid Existence
5. Spiritual Deception
6. Where Darkness Dwells
7. I Am God
8. Failure
9. Dawn Of Demise
10. The Inevitable End

Dethrone Line-up

Kenni Öjebrandt – Bass
Simon Lundh – Drums
Jonas Carlsson – Guitars
David Hartikainen – Guitars
Mattias Vestlund – Vocals

Dethrone – Failure Lyric Video