Movie Review-Suburbanite


Review-Films like Suburbanite showcase the freedom of making things on a DIY budget with a indie goal. This is clearly a film that if a major studio tried to make or someone with a ton of cash, would easily dilute it or miss the mark. While I am not saying this film is a masterpiece, this film is clearly a good little fun film that will win you over. The story focuses on a character named Mack who just hired a killer named Rick to knock off his ex-wife. I mean, after all who does not want their ex-wife or husband knocked off right. Things start to change when Mack decides to hit the sauce a little too much and somehow is hit by an automobile. Enter John, who is the driver of this car who is just your everyday common family man. We learn though that he was tired and was dozing off. He comes up with an idea, why not take Mack’s body home to avoid going to jail for murder. His intentions are good, he wants to after all bury the body in the backyard. This plan also changes when we realize that Mack is not dead. Well, John is now in a serious pickle.

He has a man who is too injured to really be a threat, but yet he cannot really take him to a hospital because he is worried about not only getting in trouble but the fact that John is now threatening to kill him as well. Which kids if you are reading this, if someone has you tied up in a garage and they hit you with a car, do not tell them you will kill them till they take you to a hospital. As the film moves along, the two guys start to form this unlikely bond as they find out more about each other. Things get even worst when Mack wants to call off the hit on his ex-wife. This film was clever and smart, and has some unlikely twists that really I feel showcases the passion behind the camera and in front of it as well. This film has dabs of dark black humor in it that really create a odd mood that for this film really gels with the acting. This film by all means should not work, and in the past has not worked. This time around I feel that everyone really knew their part and was comfortable with it. Nothing in this film felt forced or wasted, while not perfect, for its budget it really worked well. What I really liked about the film is that you never see what direction it could be heading towards. There is one twist in this film I wanted to talk about because I had to assume that maybe this was inspired by real life events in some way. If this film is any indication, I think everyone in this deal has a bright future ahead of them. What a shock of a fun time.

8 out of 10