Movie Review-Cut Her Out


Review-Cut Her Out introduces us to a lovely young lady named Darcy. Darcy it seems is haunted by nightmares and also sleepwalks. We soon learn the source of this stems from how she was raised by her mom. Enter Darcy’s therapist Ryan who is trying to help her with this “condition” she has. Ryan figures the best way to try and heal the abuse a mother gave a daughter is to go back to the house where it all happened. In this case, we find out it just so happens to be abandoned. In Ryan’s eyes he feels that this could be the first step in the healing process, in Darcy’s eyes she has fallen so madly in a love/lust with him that she will do it, just to be with him. When they come to this house, everything changes when they find a young kid named Sam who is a mute and was treated like an animal. We watch a scene where he eats like a dog would. Ryan starts to assume that this could be one a brother of Darcy’s. The problem is that Ryan cannot report it to the police because he kidnapped Darcy to take her to the house. Cut Her Out being Tiffany Heath’s debut in directing,

I am really impressed with what she pulled off. To be fair, the film has its flaws, but for a low budget little horror/thriller this film really delivers for the most part. What makes most low budget films effective is that they use a lot of unknown actors and actresses. That I felt made the believability of this film really come thru. Heath also plays Darcy, she created this subtle beauty in this very mysterious way. I feel Heath in this film really showcases her acting chops and for the most part will win over fans. For her to be successful though, she would have to have someone help her bring it out and that is what Denton Blane Everett did as her doctor. The two of them have this chemistry that just felt natural. Jake Heath playing Sam the mute will get people to follow to see where his story will lead them to. This film is a slow burn, you have to really follow the story and invest in the characters, to get anything out of the material. If you have attention deficit you may not want to see this film. This film does at times test our patience, in the end I felt it was good enough to invest a little time and money to watch. While not perfect, this film was at least fun. Tiffany Heath gets it, this film for the most part delivers it. Midnight Releasing has put out another indie film that is so much more than just another indie film i mean what is the multiplex offering you? This one is offering you a fun escape into a world that we are seduced by a pretty face into diving into and then wishing after it was all over that we would not fallen for her beauty, while we are still thinking about what we witnessed. Overall this film did its job.

8 out of 10