Movie Review-Battle for Skyark


Review-For director Simon Hung I bet this feature length debut was like getting a heavy weight off his chest. This film seemed like it had to be a hard work in progress, so I would assume the end product no matter what had to be released just to get it out. This is one of those films that you watch and realize there is just no way, he sat there with this film as his finished product and was happy. I am assuming everyone in this film is using this film as a imdb mention more than an actual acting gig. I mean we are not even sure when this film is set. We are to assume in the future, maybe a week a month or a million years we are not sure. The Earth has yet again for the sake of film has become this barren and bad wasteland. So far in the last 48 years of my life, this wasteland has existed more than a present day reality that compliments us. The few remaining humans ( or as they refer to them, scale actors and actresses) are trying to survive with these strange monsters known as monsters. And like all monsters they attack with little to no warning.

Humanity has been forced to go find refuge in this man-made place called Skyark. This is much like Elysium where only the elite are allowed to be at where the rest are subjected to Earth. As you can guess some of the people who are sent to Earth now have the mission with bringing down the powerful Skyark. This film has a few positives, it is beautiful to look at. The thought and heart of this film is all about the cinematography. The story element of the film works in the first twenty minutes then falls miserably. The acting in this film was pretty bad, even for low budget affair. It was like the actors were not even trying at times. I love the story element of this film and if Elysium was not so fresh in my mind still, this film may have worked a little bit better. But, this film makes me want to draw comparisons just for the simple fact it feels so much like it used the premise as a storyboard. All in all, this film is just such a fail on all levels. While it is pretty to look at, it offers no substance to go with the style. This could work well as a SYFY original movie.

3 out of 10

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    This movie sucked Blue Drops Balzzz