Horror Movies and Video Games Swap Places


Video games have long been ripe material for horror movie remakes, with varying degrees of success ranging from the beloved horror-action of the Resident Evil franchise to the graphically gory takes on Silent Hill. Now, another popular franchise that made its name on the minuscule screens of mobile devices will make its jump to the big screen.

Horror fans and iPhone addicts rejoice, because a movie based on one of your favourite scary mobile games is right around the corner. Five Nights at Freddy’s, the incredibly popular mobile gaming franchise has long had plans for a movie in the works, and now we have a little more detail on how the game and its popular characters will be brought to life.

We’re glad to hear that the movie version of the freaky franchise will be relying heavily on the use of actual full-size animatronics as opposed to using CGI to create similar effects. Director Gil Kenan (Monster House, Poltergeist (2015)) took to Twitter to reenforce that he believes that using practical effects will be crucial to creating the same creepy atmosphere as the game.

Many have lamented the loss of the use of practical effects in horror movies in favour of CGI, so we’re glad to be reassured that the director wants to make things as real and as creepy as possible. Too much CGI can often produce an unrealistic effect that removes audiences from the moment and can often ruin the suspense and atmosphere of the movie.

The long-awaited spinoff RPG to the series, Five Nights at Freddy’s World, has also finally been given a release date. It should be arriving on the Steam platform on February 19 with mobile versions on iOS and Android to follow shortly afterward.

On the other side of of the scare spectrum, a notable terror of the big screen is coming back to the small screen. The unstoppable Jason Voorhees is returning to terrorise Camp Crystal Lake, but this time his rampage is set to take place on consoles. Friday the 13th: The Game is set to come out this fall where hapless victims will be forced to run for their lives in this survival horror title based on the famous franchise. This would be the second time we’ve been treated to a Friday the 13th game, with the first released for the original Nintendo way back in 1989.

There are plenty of other horror themed titles slated for 2016 including a sequel to the survival horror franchise, Outlast, as well as the positively terrifying looking Allison Road. And horror has influenced far more than just console titles, because there are creepy and atmospheric social casino games on the web that serve to appeal to the casual sect with a penchant for horror-leaning imagery. From casual gamers to the die-hards, it seems like every developer (as well as every filmmaker) is doing everything it can to cash in on the unkillable craze.

Horror has become big business and can now be seen permeating just about every aspect of pop culture. Thankfully, the real winners are horror buffs, because we’ll always welcome more ways for us to sink our teeth into the scary stuff.