Top Ten Horror Movies of 2015

Here we are winding down the year of 2015 and we have to answer that question again. Where are all the good horror movies? As with every year, I will say the same thing. The good horror movies are out there. It just takes some work to find them. Gone are the days of the horror movies that everyone is talking about being the top movies of the year. This top ten horror movie list for 2015 has a mix of the films that were theatrical successes, underground hits and low budget indie horror movies.

#10 – Curve

I have a feeling that Curve is really making the list because it is fresher in my mind that some of the other films that just missed the list. That is not to say the Curve does not deserve to be here. That just means that I feel like I am cheating someone else out of a top ten spot.

The Green Inferno#9 – The Green Inferno

The funny thing about The Green Inferno is that I thought that I liked Eli Roth’s other film Knock Knock more, but I keep thinking about this one, so it makes this list. At times, the film feels formulaic and tries to get the viewer to buy into some cheap thrills, but outside of the odd ending, the film itself kept me glued to the screen.

The Final Girls#8 – The Final Girls

The Final Girls is fun. That about sums up the film in its entirety. It is a throwback slasher film that never takes itself too seriously, which is a great trait that a lot of slasher movies share.


The Human Centipede III#7 – The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence)

I am quite surprised that I have the third installment of The Human Centipede trilogy in here. I was not a fan of the second film and thought that the original was just an okay film. The third film is about as good as the original. Actually, I was hating it while watching it because of the over the top acting, but I then realized that I could not get so many scenes out of my head. If I watch a film that leaves an impression like that on me, I get excited.

Unfriended#6 – Unfriended

Most of the hip, new horror movies failed miserably. For every ten films like Smiley that never live up to their hype, we may get lucky to have one film like Unfriended that works. The characters are not unforgettable and the story line keeps the viewer tuned in.


Maggie#5 – Maggie

Maggie was a big surprise to me. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, this was not the film that I expected to see. It was a dynamic drama with a couple of really sharp performances. Films like Pontypool flipped the zombie genre on its head and Maggie does the same thing although to a lesser extent.

The Atticus Institute#4 – The Atticus Institute

The Atticus Institute followed a similar formula that we have seen a million times recently, but the performance from Rya Kihlstedt alone is worth the price of admission.


Deathgasm#3 – Deathgasm

Deathgasm could have went either way. Some horror fans will find it silly and stupid. Others will enjoy it immensely. I fall into the latter category. Metal and horror should be mixed more often than once per decade. Deathgasm was able to mix the two without being overly cheesy.


The Visit#2 – The Visit

The Visit ended up being incredibly predictable and formulaic, but the fact of the matter is that the characters were memorable and awesome. Too many films have forgettable characters and performances while The Visit had quite a few noteworthy performances.


It Follows#1 – It Follows

It Follows ends up being one of the easiest picks that I have ever had for a top ten horror movie list. The film was not overrated, which is saying a lot because of the level of hype accompanying it. I expected a complete failure with little to offer as with most films that are touted so highly. At the end of the day, the film had a simply story, very memorable scenes and great execution.

Honorable Mentions

Starry Eyes


Bound to Vengeance

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

Knock Knock