Movie Review-The Laughing Mask


Review-If you were to poll 100 people and ask them, “ what kind of film do you think about when using the term horror”? I bet you 80 percent will pick out a film that resembles The Laughing Mask. The Laughing Mask has so many different styles on display that it is hard not to really get behind this film right from the opening minutes. We have a psycho on the loose who goes by the name “ The Laughing Mask”, and we have the police, FBI and even people trying to find him. Jake is a novelist who has written about the killer, it seems the Mask abducted his wife and child, and it is rumored that they are both murdered. We also meet Lieutenant Cordova who is trying to stop him and is getting more and more frustrated by the minute. His boss Kat is also on the case and they seem to be in a competition over who will get the Mask first. We also learn that at one time Kat and Jake have hooked up. In the meantime of all this drama, we have a killer who seems to love to laugh and play classic music when he is either stalking or killing someone. The Laughing Mask is a film that horror fans are going to be happy about in 2016.

This film does not let up, there is some pretty gruesome kills in this film. This film also creates a “ Seven” like vibe in having a killer that everyone seems so obsessed with stopping that their lives have come to a halt till the killer is stopped. The positives first, The Laughing Mask killer. This is the kind of villain that horror fans will cheer on, when you see the sadistic way this killer conducts business you will really be a fan. The last ten minutes of this film, it should have not have worked. There is no way in reality to pull off this style and make it work. (I want to say more but it would take away from the film) The other positive was the cast really pulled it off for the most part, they made their parts believable and had chemistry. The negatives to this film is the pacing of the film at times feels clunky. This film really needed an edit, say maybe cut about 5 to 7 minutes of the film that towards the middle made the film lose its momentum for a brief moment. While the acting was fine, the script at times did feel a little redundant of what we are used to with these films. Now, these negatives do not take away from what this film does deliver and that is something horror fans will squirt their shorts in praise of. This has to be one of the most genius serial killers in the last few years in film. This killer has the cool of the Collector with the style of Heath Ledger’s Joker. Leave it to the indies to wake up the horror film industry with creative directions and insane new cheer for villains. This is 2016’s brightest hope for horror, it really sets the bar pretty high for others to try and reach. What a fun film despite its flaws. Kids, there is a new boogeyman in town and he is going to laugh while you die.

8.5 out of 10