Metal Review: Mountain of Wizard – Casting Rhythms and Disturbances (2015)

Mountain of Wizard - Casting Rhythms and DisturbancesNew Orleans-based instrumental quartet Mountain of Wizard, who feature within their ranks members of EyeHateGod, Classhole and Mystick Krewe of Clearlight, formed in 2008, but are just starting to get a name for themselves.

If you ever wanted to hear what the bastard child of Down and ZZ Top in an instrumental version, Mountain of Wizard would be it. Their latest effort, Casting Rhythms and Disturbances bleeds southern rock and riff driven guitar rock on the heavier edge.

Back in the 80s, guitar solo artists were all the rage with folks like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani leading the way, but there were dozens of great solo guitar players out there including Blues Saraceno, Vinnie Moore and so many others. These days, solo guitar plays are nowhere near as prevalent, but there is always that dark side of me that likes to indulge in albums without vocals.

For what Mountain of Wizard is, they absolutely rock. Their only downside is that the music is quite repetitive and could make use of some more catchy lead sections, but the rhythms parts are good enough for me. As a whole, Casting Rhythms and Disturbances rocks and makes it nearly impossible to pick individual outliers that stand out from the crowd. All of the tracks are solid and were made to listen to as one, so enjoy the album in that manner.

Mountain of Wizard Line-up

Grant Tom – guitar
Aaron Hill – drums
Paul Webb – guitar
Isidore Grisoli – bass