Metal Review: Ektomorf – Aggressor (2015)

Ektomorf - Aggressor

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Hungarian groove metal titans Ektomorf are back with their latest collection of explosive riffs and merciless vocals with Aggressor. There are not many bands that are playing true groove driven songs like Ektomorf these days. They seem to be picking up where the bands that used to do it good left off. Most of the original groove metal bands are in the decline of their careers, where as Ektomorf is kicking ass now.

The album opens with “I,” which shows the band at their best with the seething hatred in every verse. The chugging guitar riffs are as heavy as the band always brings. The title track, “Aggressor,” introduces some nice stops and hooks making it one of the best tracks on the album. “Holocaust” is an amazing riff-driven fit of rage with a slowed tempo, but no less powerful. “Evil By Nature” is simply evil as the title alludes to and features the one and only George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher from Cannibal Corpse.

Songs like “Eastside” and “Scars” prove that the band can still make songs on a more melodic side with catchy phrases without impacting their sound and song structure.

Overall, Ektomorf is back for vengeance taking no prisoners with their latest aural assault. The band fires on all cylinders once again and more often than not proves to the veterans that this style can still be done right without making sacrifices. It is absolutely amazing watching Ektomorf mature into such a fine metal band.

Ektomorf – Aggressor Tracklisting

1. Intro 0:45
2. I 3:49
3. Aggressor 2:35
4. Holocaust 3:56
5. Move On 3:04
6. Evil By Nature (feat. George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher) 4:23
7. You Can’t Get More 3:22
8. Emotionless World 3:26
9. Eastside 4:17
10. Scars 3:42
11. Damned Nation 2:39
12. You Lost 2:56
13. You’re Not For Me 4:50
14. Memento 3:03

Ektomorf Line-up

Zoltán “Zoli” Farkas – vocals, guitar
Tamás “Tomi” Schrottner – guitar
Szabolcs “Szabi” Murvai – bass
Róbert Jaksa – drums

Ektomorf – Evil By Nature