Song of the Week: Exodus – Strike of the Beast

Exodus - Let There Be Blood

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San Francisco thrash metal veterans Exodus released their debut album, Bonded by Blood, in 1985 and it is now considered one of the most influential thrash metal albums of all time. It is actually the only Exodus studio album to feature vocalist Paul Baloff even though he had two stints with the band. The closing track on that album, “Strike of the Beast,” ended up becoming a staple of the band’s live shows and remains one of the best songs by the band. In 2008, the album was re-recorded by Exodus as Let There Be Blood.

Exodus – Strike of the Beast

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Exodus – Strike of the Beast Lyrics

walking down the backstreets
the noon is full and high
you feel your body start to sweat
someone’s about to die
you turn around and run
it’s the only thing to do
someone’s about to die
and that someone… is you

time to run or fight
off the strike of the beast

you hear the creature’s hooves
start to echo through your brain

you fear the demon’s hellish howl

it makes you go insane
you smell the creature’s fowl stench
laced with death and waste
don’t lose your mind he’s right behind
breathing fire in your face

time to run or fight
off the strike of the beast
if you fail you’ll be
the hellish demon’s feast

black as night he begins his flight
wings outstretched in the cold
glowing eyes, he wears no disguise
his evil has yet to be told
breathing fire the beast is flying higher
now he swoops down on his prey
all the world a horrid mess
leaving black earth in decay

the beast prepares for battle
and you prepare to die
the blood running down your throat
dulls you woeful cry
you can feel the power rage within your soul
when you die you go to hell and live… forevermore