Movie Review: Expressway To Your Skull


Review-Expressway to Your Skull is the first film from Michael Okum. This is where all the Brain Damage comparisons will end. People know the label specializes in debut films by small indie directors. I am not sure if those people who watched some of the film’s from this label in the past will be prepared for something like this. This film centers on a young couple, Ed and Amy. As most people do in their 20’s they are a fun loving, thrill seeking bunch. They decide to get out of their current existence and take a trip. They fill up the backpacks and bring some dope and hit the world looking for a different existence. This journey leads them to the forests of Jersey, and all seems to be going somewhat on track until they meet a stranger who is going to turn this trip into something else. This film in its heart is a horror film, but on its surface and center it is a creatively woven film that tries to give us something outside of the normal horror realm. The film is daring and takes some chances, which in the long run really starts to work out well for both the material playing out and what the viewer will get out of it.

The negative to this film is the slow pace it has, some people may not like the first 20 minutes because it does more building than providing. There are hints here and there of what was coming, but it does ask the viewer for patience. The last hour of this film really had so much promise and provided us with a taste of what to expect down the line. The characters for the most part worked well together and had personality that made the viewer feel welcomed into this world. Brain Damage films have put out some good, bad and indifferent films over their existence. I have to say this is the first film that I am really finding could be a bridge to what they did in the past with where they are going in the future. The first 20 minutes is what people expect from the low budget affairs, but what comes after it, is going to really show people that while Hollywood is throwing the same shit on the wall and begging us to bite, at least indie companies are daring to go into the deep waters. This film is a fun exploration into the mind of someone who really has the talent to change this genre eventually, all he needs is more time and a budget. This while problematic was an impressive enough start to be excited.

7 out of 10