Movie Review-June


Review-Perhaps the best thing you can say about what director L. Gustavo Cooper’s work so far is ambitious. Cooper’s latest film “June” may be seen as his most ambitious film to date. June is a little girl that has a secret, when she gets upset there is this evil that takes her over and bad things happen around her. Enter a case worker named Victor, who is well aware of what June can do and he seems to want to help her find a family. Who would ever want to adopt a kid like this? Enter the Anderson family; you have Lily and Dave who want to be her parents. This film opens several subplots, one that involves a crazed cult leader and the other that is based on her evil persona that is named Aer. With the cover art, I was expecting this film to be some kind of gorefest with slasher kid wanting to kill everyone. This film does not deliver on that at all, instead it feels like a Carrie hybrid that makes June come across as a dramatic and somewhat misunderstood little girl. We do not see her evil or dangerous side that much on screen, we see the damage afterwards most of the time.

Though this film seems to give me mixed messages as to what she truly is. So, everyone in her life views her as this dangerous threat. But those that she seems to cause this harm to are not kind people at all and could be seen as personalities that are engulfed in bullying and abuse. One scene June is just chilling and minding her own business and two bullies throw a firecracker towards her, what would you do if this happened to you? Do you think people would refer to you as dangerous being the victim or victimizer? The ambition to try and change the “possessed child” genre should be commended. I feel though the marketing team on this film is not really sure who to try and sell this film to and what to sell it as? I did like the turn this film took with the cult and its attempts to kidnap June and sacrifice to this Aer. The biggest positive to this film is the casting of Victoria Pratt and Casper Van Dien as the parents. They are two actors who seem to always be “under the radar”, and people forget what they can truly bring to a role. This film had a surprising amount of depth to the characters that really made the story feel consistent and also worked well with the pacing of the film. Kennedy Brice playing June was such a masterstroke; she played Molly on Walking Dead. In this film, she tries her best to distance herself from where the role has gone before and comparisons to Carrie White are going to be made but I feel she did her best to try and distance that talk.

7.5 out of 10