Movie Review-Invoking 2


· Review-The Invoking 2, I have to say even though I reviewed it, I do not remember the first film. So, I dug out my copy to re-watch it and after 10 minutes I think I remember why I wanted to forget about the first film. This sequel though has nothing to do with part one; it is a completely different beast. I guess the Invoking film made people think there were dollars to be made if they just used the name for a film. This film centers on short films that deal with “Paranormal Events”. Like most anthologies, there are some that hit and some that miss the mark. These 6 shorts on this film give us a different take on the presence of the paranormal. Let’s start off with the biggest selling point as to why you need to buy this dvd. Patrick Rea’s short Do Not Disturb is on here. Patrick has been hailed by many as a “modern day Hitchcock” in his approach and love of the genre. His short focuses on a serial killer who is on the run but in a hotel room seems to have met his match in some unseen force that is copying his work. If you are not familiar with his genius, this short alone is worth the price tag. Jay Holben’s Alone is another hit. You have a woman who is warned by her loved one to take her pills. She refuses and thus is stalked by her doppelganger.

What a great love letter for mental illness. You are so fucked up we want you to take a bath with the fear that your insanity will have you believe you are going to drown yourself. What a fun little short that really captured the spirit of what this film wanted to bring out. Insane directed by Adam O’ Brien was fair, it was not nearly as good as the short he did for Zombieworld but it was fair. You have this filmmaker and his guide going thru an old asylum that is haunted by a ghost of a nurse who killed herself. Shorts like the opening U-Turn directed by Jamie DeWolf, was good but I wish was longer. You have a man who picks up this woman hitchhiker and her baby. Discovers that they have something to do with an accident down the road. Jamie Root’s Melissa is sort of a cheat, this one is more slasher than supernatural and much like U-Turn is barely a few minutes, maybe 3 to 4. It was good, but it really was not much. You have a girl who calls 911 because there is a masked slasher in front of her house. Corey Norman’s Natal was somewhat fun. You have a suicidal woman who goes on this getaway to be driven mad by sounds. This was good but it was so long-winded. I felt where the two other shorts I just discussed prior needed more time to fully shine, this one maybe needed less time. Plus coming off of Patrick Rea’s short and trying to at least compete is a hard task. The first film I was not a fan of, and this film is like walking into a horror convention to watch a bunch of short films. I am all for any film that gives these filmmakers a platform to show their art. I liked this concept and I feel a few of these films were really well done. I really hope that more companies would create films like this, instead of giving us all new shorts, look at what does well at the festivals in the past and give them a chance to shine on one showcase. Patrick Rea’s short could be 10 out of 10 by itself.

7.5 out of 10