Movie Review-How to Kill a Zombie


Review-How to Kill a Zombie is a low budget comedy take on what would happen in the zombie apocalypse broke out in your home town. The film centers on Mack Stone and his immature son Jesse. Jesse tries Mack’s patience at any chance he gets, but Mack is still dead set on trying to raise his son to be strong and survive. As our two leads are trying to escape the world gone zombie, they see a beautiful young lady fighting for her life against a little crowd of zombies. The lady’s name is Ashley and the three of them are a search for any more survivors. While driving they pass by this building that seems to have a few alive survivors inside. So they decide to go into the building and get with them and see if they all cannot make it out alive. The film has its blood moments and a ton of zombies, so with its limited budget, they at least wanted to give the fans the goods when it comes to that. In the commentary director Tiffany McLean sort of hit the nail on the head, “I am not a big horror fan”. This film the horror just felt like the background to the dialogue, characters and humor. The humor at times was really funny and at others, you know they were trying to scrape on material. The main issue I had with the film were the two main characters and how they came across, Jesse is annoying so much so that when he starts talking, you know he desperately trying to dumb himself down. I wish the humor would not have felt so forced when it came to the characters.

I did get a big laugh at who Mack seems to be stuck with at the zombiegeddon. This film had some really good moments that I think fans of films like Zombieland may get into, but for me the humor just did not connect with me and I love comedy. A guy got hit in the head in an accident so he says his name repeatedly and squirts a gun at people? Jokes like that do not have a good span when you overuse them. The joke maybe used once or twice per say ten minutes would have been more effective. That was the film in a nutshell, the humor just really tried to hard in so many different styles that just seemed to create this disconnect. Now, I am not asking for The Jerk, or Eddie Murphy live, or even American Pie, and for that matter Zombieland. I am asking that you find your strengths and work with them. “This character has a dry sense of humor, we can use that”. “This person could be the straight guy and make the jokes work effectively”. This film really tried hard to work and at times, it did but I just felt this film should have been creatively at least or trying to think outside the box.

i hate to be negative and hard on this film because it really tries, but it just did not work for me. Who knows, it may work for someone who has not seen that many zombie comedy films.

5 out of 10

  • Billymack1968

    Thank you very much for helping support independent film. Also, thank you for the honest and complete review. This was our first attempt at this particular genre and we learned a lot from it. We are glad that we made you laugh and we hope to do better on the next one 🙂 Bill (Mack Stone) McLean.