Movie Review-Honeyspider


Review-Honeyspider is a low budget film directed by Josh Hasty. The film is part thriller and part horror as we meet Jackie Blue. (Whose father was the lead singer of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, I kid) Jackie is a college kid in 1989 who is going thru all the problems most college kids at that time go thru from grades to her family. Jackie has this suspicion that her creepy Professor, whose name is Lynch is up to something bad. As the film gets going we learn that she is turning 21 years old on the day of Halloween. Each year it seems her friends prank her to get her to jump a lot. We watch as she goes to work to be a concessionist at the movie theater. Her friends though want her to go to the college campus after work for the Monster Mash party. Things start changing when Jackie is having these visions of symbols and also as time goes by visions of tarantulas. We also watch as a masked slasher is at the theater killing people. Where to begin with this film? Honeyspider has a great premise; I loved the first 45 minutes of this film. Mariah Brown in her first film playing the lead role is gutsy and she really gives it a great effort.

This film wants the viewer to determine for themselves what is going on, and wants you to figure out the happenings more than explaining them which for me work in a way, but there are some elements of this film I felt that needed more explanation. This film had a great retro feel to it, you can tell all involved were inspired by films like Halloween and the Carpenter pacing. I felt the last 20 minutes of this film really was in such a hurry that I felt like I missed something. If the pacing at the start was going to be slow and methodic, they needed to keep it going thru the whole film. Also, there are moments in this film that you can tell Mariah was a new actress, she looked like she was trying to memorize at times instead of letting it come naturally. This film had some genius ideas, and I loved how this film really wanted to break the chain of what we are used to with low budget horror, it really fought against convention. I loved the concept of using a movie theater, you would think with all the negativity and how people are so scared for their lives these days going to a movie, that no one would have the balls to put more danger into a movie theater experience. For all the negatives I listed, this film for a horror fan could be a fun little indie ride. It had some real moments of genius in it, and for the most part I was really into the story. I just wish they could have fixed the pacing, but I am not unhappy that I saw it.

7 out of 10