Movie Review-Chatter


Review-Chatter could be seen as the Paranormal Activity for the computer age. Director Matthew Solomon’s Chatter offers the story of a married couple that is talking long distance thru Skype while being monitored. Much like Nightmare Code, The Den and Unfriended we are told their story basically thru a barrage of shots on a computer screen while someone is watching on a web cam. The couple is David and Laura Cole. David is in California in their new house while it seems his wife is overseas for her job. The back and forth conversations start out normal enough, the feeling of missing each other and David being horny. The conversations start to take a turn when Laura thinks she seems someone behind David, and David starts to hear a child keeping him up and certain items come up missing. The whole time these two converses back and forth they are being monitored by a security company which adds to the story to see how he starts to react when things do get a little scary. I compared it to Paranormal Activity in the beginning for a reason, this film is very much a slow burn and emphasizes on story over scares. I really found the actors in the film very likable, and when the story started to show itself more and more, for the most part I felt it was solid.

We learn as the film goes on that someone is indeed haunting the house David is in, and the backstory of this haunting also involves David. This film had such a creative touch, to take a simple story on the surface and add depth and complexity to it. The problems I had with this film, I felt the running time was too short. It seems for a film that is 75 minutes long the first hour was slowly building the story, but the last 15 minutes just thru so much at us at one time. I felt that it missed the desired effect because it was in such a hurry to finish. Also, the director of the security place watching the couple. He seemed very “alien” like in his approach and the way he talked to the employee. I wish they would have done something more with that. As creepy as the story on the computer was being told to us, his mannerisms and the way he talked was just as creepy. This film for the few negatives really works well with what it gives the audience. I really liked the less-is-more theory of horror and low budget directing, where they want us to scare ourselves with a scene or the way a scene plays out. The internet and horror seem like a couple who were doomed to be together, and I feel in the upcoming years we are really going to be bogged down by thousands of these films. Right now, I am glad that the films mentioned above and this one is at least using the technology in ways that feel fresh and unique. This is a very thought provoking and fun little cyber ride that will keep people on the edge of their seat for the most part watching to see how it plays out.

8 out of 10