Movie Review-Caesar And Otto’s Paranormal Halloween


Review-I have reviewed every Caesar and Otto film. We have been on the summer camp massacre; we have met Dracula, and then Dracula’s lawyer. Then we move on to the holidays, first it was Christmas, now it is Halloween. The best way to describe the experience of one of these films, if you were not using drugs before the film started, you will be using them by the credits. Caesar and Otto are half-brothers whose antics seem inspired by every old school reference you can think of from Gleason and Carney in the Honeymooners, to Abbott and Costello and etc. These two half-brothers always seem to get into the most insane of situations, and being oblivious to how insane the situation is. Caesar seems to think he is the alpha male of the group, he is dry witted, egotistical and very aggressive in his behavior. Otto is the kind-hearted gentle soul who is just an utter moron in all he says or does, but he truly means well. If you have never witnessed a Caesar and Otto film, to me this is the best film to learn with. The humor this time around is just can’t miss, they have this odd dream segment where Caesar seems to get married in the period of three days they have a kid, he owns a home and grows this Col. Sanders like goatee.

If this makes you smirk this is the feel of the whole movie. You have a scene with their father jumps out a moving car going at this unknown speed, 6 minutes later he is fine in the back seat and Caesar decides to jump out the car next. The film starts out where our boys stop a killer who when unmasked looks like Rob Zombie. It seems that the city appreciates them stopping the serial killer so much, they give the boys a key to the city and they have a place to stay in a Congressman’s home. The film takes place on the days leading up to Halloween and we watch everything start to find its way to the boys. This is by far the best Caesar and Otto film to date. The humor this time around felt natural, in the past it felt forced and rushed. Where in the past, it felt like Dave Campfield was thinking of what could work for the two main characters, and letting the supporting cast feel left out or to be a backdrop for their antics. This time around, the supporting cast all had their moments to shine and not only help the humor very dark and clever, but to create a film that for its lack of budget, has more genuine feeling and heart than most big budgeted comedies. This film at a college party on Halloween night would be some awesome fun. I am begging the readers, do not overlook this film. This film while it has cheap cheesy scares, is so much a throwback to the old school comedy meet horror films as in Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein. This is one of the best films Wild Eye has put out, and Dave Campfield and his crew should be so damn proud.

8.5 out of 10