Metal Review: Irata – Sweet Loris (2015)

Irata - Sweet LorisGreensboro, North Carolina based Irata, previously an instrumental band, has released their sophomore effort, Sweet Loris, a collection of seven stoner-esque, doom laden tracks meant to transform the listener into the portrait that the band is painting.

The band uses its power of knowing how to make instrumental music and focuses more on that side of the songs more so that the actual vocal portions. The strength in their music is the musical instruments themselves. That is not to say that the vocals are horrible, but the majority of the positive elements are the interactions with the bass and guitar.

Songs like the title track, “Sweet Loris,” add that slight psychedelic element to the music giving it that stoner edge, but the majority of the band’s sound comes from their doom elements, which the band embraces and puts on display throughout the majority of the album.

Sweet Loris Tracklisting

1. Lion Slayer
2. Sweet Loris
3. Daisy
4. Chorine
5. March By Tens
6. Skin
7. Teeth of the Arctic Storm

Irata Line-up

Jon Case – Bass, vocals
Jason Ward – Drums, vocals, synth
Cheryl Manner – Guitar

Label: Retro Futurist Records

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