Metal Review: Eisregen – Marschmusik (2015)

Eisregen - Marschmusik

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German dark/death metal veterans Eisregen, formed in 1995, have had a lot of output over their 20 years career. As their namesake translates to “freezing rain,” you would expect that the band knows how to create a very atmospheric sound and Marschmusik is yet another example of just how atmospheric the band can sound.

The opening title track, “Marschmusik” is an intense track with a powerful opening and exquisite riff work. Its extended opening brings the vocals in and completely changes the feel of the track to a more complex composition.

The opening and middle parts of the album are solid and offer some powerful moments, but the quality of music is downgraded towards the tail end of the album as the music becomes more light-hearted and less dark and aggressive.

Overall, Eisregen does a fine job with Marschmusik, but I find myself switching albums after 5 or 6 songs with each listen.

Eisregen – Marschmusik Tracklisting

01. Marschmusik
02. Blutkreis
03. Bunkert?r
04. Leichensack
05. Gott Der Panzer
06. Adlerhorst
07. Fleischbrand
08. Mein Leben Auf Deiner Haut
09. Foltergeist
10. Was Von Dir Bleibt
11. Panzerschokolade
12. Pervertin Peter (So Lang Die Schokolade Reicht) (Bonus Track)

Eisregen Line-up

Roth – Vocals
Yantit – Drums, Guitars

Label: Massacre Records

Eisregen – Marschmusik