Metal Review: Dodsferd – Wastes of Life (2015)

Dodsferd - Wastes of Life

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Greek depressive black metal band, once a one-man project from Wrath until 2009, has been around for nearly 15 years and has been quite busy over the years. The band has released 8 full-length releases and a slew of splits and EPs. With only a year since their latest release, the band comes at us with Wastes of Life, a collection of 5 epic tracks meant to make the listeners’ ear bleed until they finally submit and give in to the power of Dodsferd.

The opening title track, “Wastes of Life” seems like it is not even needed since there is not much to it although the background noises present a little atmosphere. “Sterile Death. Without Mourning” is a blissful, twelve and a half minute journey of aural awesomeness. The musical extravaganza throughout its epic length starts off clean and ends up being one of the most atmospheric anthems the band has ever recorded.

“The Dead Have No Speech For…” is an intense sampling of how tortured the vocals are as they are accompanied by droning riffs for its entire length. This track is the aggressive side of Dodsferd at its best. “To the Fall of Man” is another twelve plus minute rant that opens up innocently enough, but leads into a clean guitar with driving drums behind it and some more tortured vocals.

“Graves of Your Creator” is amazing. Words cannot describe how incredible this song is with its clean and distorted interplay throughout its eleven minute length. The clean parts are intense and once the clean vocals jump into the mix, the listener is completely mellowed out. It is an amazing completion to such an intense album. Of course, the aggression comes into the mix throughout the track as well and this portion of the song has such a nice rhythm guitar accompaniment.

Overall, Wastes of Life is an amazing album and easily competes for album of the year.

Dodsferd – Wastes of Life Tracklisting

1. Wastes of Life
2. Sterile Death. Without Mourning
3. The Dead Have No Speech For…
4. To the Fall of Man
5. Graves of Your Creator

Label: Moribund Records