Metal Review: Children of Bodom, Amorphis – Tales From Lake Bodom (2015)

Children of Bodom / Amorphis – Tales From Lake BodomChildren of Bodom and Amorphis are two of the best melodic death metal bands in metal today and for all time. While the bands do share some similarities, they are quite distinct in their sound. Amorphis is incredibly diverse with their sound with have some extremely melodic track sections as well as the use of more guttural vocals. Children of Bodom has long relied on more speed and more extreme guitar parts in there songs.

With the release of the split EP, Tales From Lake Bodom, it is nice to see the bands work together in addition to having their own tracks. The band each covered a song from the either band, which makes this split much more valuable to fans.

The split opens with Children of Bodom and a track from their latest album, I Worship Chaos. There is also a live track recorded from 2014 and a cover of the classic Amorphis track “Black Winter Day.” The Amorphis cover was previously made available on some editions of their I Worship Chaos album, so we have heard this one before and it kicks ass.

The Amorphis portion of the split also includes three tracks which follow the same format. The first track, “Illusion,” is taken from a version of the band’s latest effort, Circle. There is an amazing live version of “Hopeless Days” from 2013 and it closes with a Children of Bodom cover of “Everytime I Die.”

Overall, I am never much of a fan of splits as they are not done by bands of this caliber very often and there is normally not much replay value in them as the tracks will normally get released somewhere else eventually. Tales From Lake Bodom is far from a throw away as it contains the right mix of previously unreleased material and some nice collaboration efforts.

Children of Bodom, Amorphis – Tales From Lake Bodom Tracklisting

1. Children of Bodom – Suicide Bomber
2. Children of Bodom – Halo of Blood (Live Summer Breeze 2014)
3. Children of Bodom – Black Winter Day (Amorphis cover)
4. Amorphis – Illusion
5. Amorphis – Hopeless Days (Live Loudpark 2013)
6. Amorphis – Everytime I Die (Children of Bodom cover)

Track 1 later appearing on the I Worship Chaos album.
Track 2 previously unreleased.
Track 3 later appearing on certain editions of the I Worship Chaos album.
Track 4 taken from the Circle album mailorder box edition.
Track 5 previously unreleased.
Track 6 previously unreleased.