Metal Review: Audiotopsy – Natural Causes (2015)

Audiotopsy - Natural Causes

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The latest supergroup, and I am really using that term loosely here, is Audiotopsy featuring members of Mudvayne, Hellyeah and Skrape. Their debut album, Natural Causes is out via Napalm Records and it offers 12 tracks of good old fashioned hard rock with a dirty, heavy edge to it.

Audiotopsy features guitarist Greg Tribbett (Mudvayne, Hellyeah), drummer Matt McDonough (Mudvayne), vocalist Billy Keeton (Skrape) and bassist Perry Stern. All members are solid at what they do, but the one that makes this project meaningful is Billy Keeton who most will not recognize since Skrape is not exactly a household name. His voice is perfect for this project and gives the songs extra punch that makes this project succeed.

The album opener, “Headshot,” is a super catchy piece that sets the tone for the rest of the album nicely. It puts the strength of the band, vocalist Billy Keeton, at the forefront of the opener with his raspy tone that matches the music perfectly. The other track gaining a lot of steam is “The Calling,” which is another good one. Where as “Headshot” is more of a straight rocker, “The Calling” is much more melodic and catchier.

Audiotopsy – Natural Causes Tracklisting

01. Headshot
02. All We Know
04. The Calling
05. H2O (Interlude)
06. Swim
07. Disguise Your Devils
08. Burn the Sky
09. Distorted
10. Darken the Rainbow
11. Frozen Scars
12. Natural Causes (Outro)

Audiotopsy Line-up

Greg Tribbett – Guitar
Matt McDonough – Drums
Billy Keeton – Vocals
Perry Stern – Bass

Label: Napalm Records