Metal Review: Abigail Williams – The Accuser (2015)

Abigail Williams - The Accuser

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Extreme metal act Abigail Williams is back with their fourth full-length release, The Accuser, a collection of 8 tracks meant to pound the listener into submission. The album also offers some serious musical guest appearances from Charlie Fell (Lord Mantis, Nachtmystium, Cobalt), Will Lindsay (Wolves In The Throne Room, Nachtmystium, Indian), Jeff Wilson (Wolvhammer, ex Nachtmystium) and Neill Jameson (Krieg, Twilight).

Bands do not get much more extreme musically than Abigail Williams and The Accuser is no different than their previous efforts. The album opens with “Path of Broken Glass,” and as one would take from the title, it is harsh and brutal being one of the band’s more brutal songs ever written. The raspy vocals shout at the listener as if they are in serious anguish.

“The Outer Darkness” is the longest of the eight tracks at just over seven minutes, but is an epic masterpiece with fluctuations in speed and tone. It presents a multitude of atmospheres, all of which are dark and evil. “Godhead” is another dark anthem with peaks and valleys that make the user slip into a state of discomfort about what is to come. “Forever Kingdom of Dirt” has some classic black metal styling to it with some great fast drum lines accompanying the never ending guitar riffs. The drums play a high part of this song.

There are not many releases that are as aggressive as Abigail William’s The Accuser, so if you like it extreme and angry, this will be your go to record for 2015.

Abigail Williams – The Accuser Tracklisting

1. Path of Broken Glass
2. The Cold Lines
3. Of the Outer Darkness
4. Will, Wish & Desire
5. Godhead
6. Forever Kingdom of Dirt
7. Lost Communion
8. Nuummite