Music Review-Metal Allegiance-Metal Allegiance


1. “Gift of Pain” – (Randy Blythe – vox; Alex Skolnick – gtr; David Ellefson – bass; Mike Portnoy – drums; Gary Holt – gtr)

2. “Let Darkness Fall” – (Troy Sanders – vox; Alex Skolnick – gtr; David Ellefson – bass; Mike Portnoy – drums; Rex Brown and Mark Menghi – bass; Randy Blythe – screams)

3. “Can’t Kill the Devil” – (Chuck Billy – vox; Alex Skolnick – gtr; David Ellefson – bass; Mike Portnoy – drums; Phil Demmel – gtr; Andreas Kisser – gtr)

4. “Dying Song” – (Philip H. Anselmo – vox; Alex Skolnick – gtr; Mark Menghi – bass; Mike Portnoy – drums)

5. “Scars” – (Mark Osegueda and Cristina Scabbia – vox; Alex Skolnick – gtr; David Ellefson – bass; Mike Portnoy – drums)

6. “Destination Nowhere” – (Matt Heafy – vox/gtr; Alex Skolnick – gtr; David Ellefson – bass; Mike Portnoy – drums)

7. “Wait Until Tomorrow” – (dUg Pinnick and Jamey Jasta – vox; Alex Skolnick – gtr; David Ellefson – bass; Mike Portnoy – drums/vox)

8. “Triangulum” – I. Creation II. Evolution III. Destruction – (Alex Skolnick – gtr; David Ellefson – bass; Mike Portnoy – drums; Misha Mansoor, Ben Weinman, Charlie Benante, Phil Demmel, Matt Heafy and Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal – additional gtr)

9. “Pledge of Allegiance” – (Mark Osegueda – vox; Alex Skolnick – gtr; David Ellefson – bass; Mike Portnoy – drums; Charlie Benante, Gary Holt and Andreas Kisser – additional gtr)

10. “We Rock” (Deluxe Edition only) – (Mark Osegueda, Chris Jericho, Tim “Ripper” Owens, Alissa White-Gluz, Chuck Billy and Steve “Zetro” Souza – vox; Alex Skolnick – gtr; David Ellefson – bass; Mike Portnoy – drums; Andreas Kisser, Phil Demmel and Gary Holt – additional gtr)

Review-Let I just say this, all the hype that is being laid down on this cd by all these respected critics and the fans, believe every fucking word of it. This is one of those “once in a lifetime” records that go from heavy to progressive and everything in- between. We open this cd up with Randy Blythe showing why Lamb of God is really getting more and more popular by the day. Gift of Pain sets the stage for the rest of this cd to play across. This song just kills from the instant it starts. From Randy hitting hard with the vocals to the shredding guitar solo this song makes the listener want to listen to the rest of the cd and see what can follow this monster up. Let Darkness Fall is the oddest way I would think to follow it up but somehow it works. It has Mike Portnoy doing this insane drum lead in and it just hits so hard. Then it stops and goes into this Spanish-like guitar style then we get right back into the swing of things. So far the only cds I could compare this music to is either Teenage Time Killers or the Roadrunner deal. The next song is the one I was anticipating the most because I am such a Anselmo fan. Dying Song is a dark brooding song that reminds me of the first Down record. The song starts off slowly and has some guitar moments that get the pacing moving in the song a little by end. Fans of Down will truly love this track and hope to see Phil return to these roots again. Another highly anticipated track was the Chuck Billy one of Can’t Kill the Devil.

The track has this really old school 80’s thrash metal vibe. The kicker to this song is the guitar solos on this track just kill. The biggest shock to me was Scars, the Cristina Scabbia track. I was an old school Lacuna Coil fan and was not a fan of the direction the last few records have been going in. This track showcases Cristina’s powerful melodic voice which when mixed with Mark Osegueda from Death Angel powerful thrash singing is quite the combination. We go onto Destination: Nowhere which has a more modern and melodic progressive feel. Matt Heafy has such a great voice and it showcases that a lot of thought was put into each track on this record. Another track I was highly anticipating was the King’s X singer Pinnick’s song Wait Until Tomorrow. How is this you have the modern feel of Pinnick and the aggressive style of a Jamey Jasta. This song is so all over the map, you get the best of both worlds in this song and it does not disappoint. You get aggressive, progressive, melodic and chaotic. How did King’s X never get huge? Next up is Triangulum: I. Creation, II. Evolution, III. Destruction. This three part track would feel at home on a Dream Theater record. The key to holding this song together is Portnoy’s drumming.

The song goes almost 8 minutes and it is such a great progressive song that really provides such an amazing backdrop to the other musicians to shine on. Pledge of Allegiance is up next and gets us back into the thrash zone. Mark from Death Angel and the heavy energy guitar work with the thundering drums; this song is just a pure monster. The dueling guitar solos are a marvel to the ears. What a great track. If you purchase the deluxe edition which all of you should you get the bonus track a cover of Dio’s We Rock. I will say right now, if you are a Dio fan this song is such a great tribute to Ronnie and is incredible to listen to. 12 metal musicians got together and created a very powerful and incredible end to a very great cd. This cd is easily the best metal cd of this year or last year. The core of this band Mike Portnoy, David Ellefson, Alex Skolnick and Mark Menghi have given the fans a wet-dream come true. This is a once in a lifetime moment, and if you are a metal fan and you think Gene Simmons saying its dead is correct, send this band the memo, they have woke up the fucking monster. The sales pitch is easy, this is our bible.

10 out of 10