Metal Review: Black .44 – No Blanks (2015)

Black .44 - No Blanks

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Helsinki, Finland’s stoner metal act (you do not hear that genre from that location too often) Black .44 has released their debut album, No Blanks, and it is one that metal fans should unite on. The Finnish foursome plays their brand of music hard and heavy focusing on the power of the riff and an aggressive vocal style from vocalist Jason.

The band creates a riff factory of guitar lines and ensure that Pete’s Bass and Mikko’s drums are straight in your face. With simplistic song structures and the focus placed heavily on the groove, Black .44 does a really nice job bringing their anger out into each track. Jason’s vocals are far from perfect, but work very effectively on No Blanks.

Songs like “The Red Saint” and “The Outlaw” are ass-kickers with infectious riff work and can be compared to a more modern Metallica at least as far as the guitar licks go. The comparisons stop there though.

Overall, No Blanks is a great debut from a band up north where the bands are more known for their metal being of the black or melodic death nature.

Black .44 – No Blanks Tracklisting

1. Overcome
2. Hometown Murderer
3. The Red Saint
4. Into the Grace
5. Born Wrong
6. The Outlaw
7. The Eyes Above
8. Shit Hits the Fan
9. From Right to Wrong

Black .44

Jason – Vocals & Guitar
Antti – Guitar
Pete – Bass
Mikko – Drums

Black .44

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Black .44 – The Outlaw (Official Lyric Video)