Metal Review: Bevar Sea – Invoke the Bizarre (2015)

Bevar Sea - Invoke the BizarreBangalore, India’s doom/sludge band Bevar Sea is back with their sophomore effort, Invoke the Bizarre, three years after their successful self-titled debut. With their most recent effort, the band has shown a level of maturity that some bands with 10 years under their belts have yet to attain.

The band has been together since 2007, but became a serious recording act in 2010, and since that time, have carved out a nice niche for themselves at home. Their sound borrows heavily from 70s hard rock with a nice touch of blues throughout. Their sound is complete with an extra dose of hooks throughout the songs. Mixing the old sound with their brand of metal consisting of elements of doom, sludge and stoner metal, the band has a sound that works exceptionally well.

As a whole, the band has some serious musicians in their line-up with no one being a slouch on their respective instruments. I am loving Ganesh Krishnaswamy’s vocals as he has an ideal tone for doom metal. Guitarists Rahul Chacko and Srikanth Panaman riff off of each other nicely with their back and forth on the solos and their rhythm work is perhaps even more impressive. The band is anchored by the solid battery of Avinash Ramchander and Deepak Raghu.

“Bury Me in NOLA” mixes elements of melodic guitar parts with hypnotic riffs that make for such a nice listen. “Sleeping Pool” is the highlight of the album clocking in at an epic 10 plus minutes and is layered with some of the best guitar passages in the entire album. It is a sonic treat for the listener.

Overall, Invoke the Bizarre is a mature effort from a young band that looks to have its best days ahead of them yet.

Bevar Sea – Invoke the Bizarre Tracklisting

1. Bearded and Bizarre
2. Bury Me in NOLA
3. Heathen
4. Where There’s Smoke (There’s a Pyre)
5. Sleeping Pool
6. The Grand Alignment

Bevar Sea Line-up

Ganesh Krishnaswamy – vocals
Rahul Chacko – guitars
Srikanth Panaman – guitars
Avinash Ramchander – bass
Deepak Raghu – drums