Movie Review-Wasteland


Review-Midnight Releasing in my eyes is the kings of making these low budget films feel like a major deal. Wasteland make no mistake is a very low budget zombie film. I would say it has more of a dramatic feel than a horror one, which for the budget really fits well with the way the story, is laid out. Director Tom Wadlow’s first foray into a full length film has a lot to brag about and maybe a few things to avoid when he makes his follow up. The main characters in this film are Scott and Beth who are two lovers. As you can guess by the cover art of this film, the world has been destroyed by the apocalypse. This film has a very bleak tone and feel with this feel of hope sprinkled in. We watch as Scott and Beth head out to this shack on this countryside where they hide from the rest of the world. Beth soon is leaving to find out if her family is ok leaving Scott alone in the shack. He waits at this shack with the promise that Beth his true love will return. What this film lacks in horror elements it makes up for with human elements.

It gives us a story that most of us can relate to, the fear of a loved one leaving and not coming back. We get zombies here and there but nothing really major. The story is all about survival and holding onto hope. I felt the acting in this film was really above average and it really keeps the viewer both engaged and enthralled watching this story unfold. The pacing of the film at times is a little bit uneven and the flow of the film seems unsure at times, but that comes with a first time director and a very limited budget which really when you watch the film seem like small gripes rather than avoidances. I will not spoil anything this film offers but I will say I was not a fan of the way the film ended. The way the film played out in the end, it felt really cheap and thrown together more than thought out and prepared. As a whole, I was a big fan of this film for the most part and feel that this character piece really would play well with films like Dead Weight, and other end of the world survival indie films that do not fall to its small budget but think outside of the normal and create uniqueness from its limited resources.

7.5 out of 10