Movie Review-Blood Punch


Review-Finally after a long two year wait, Blood Punch is going to see the light of day. Blood Punch has an interesting premise. When the film opens we are introduced to Milton who is a cross between Cillian Murphy and Jesse Eisenberg. He wakes up like any normal day, goes to the bathroom to throw up and discovers a screen with a note saying play me on it. From the second he hits play to the ending credits we are thrown into a world of uncertainty and oddness. Milton it seems has a drug problem and is in rehab, when he meets a beautiful young girl in class named Skyler is when he discovers an upcoming problem worse than drugs. Skyler tells people in the class that she does not want to be there, and seeks out people who can help her make meth with her psycho boyfriend and make a ton of cash. Somehow or another, Milton is thrown into this deal because he is falling for her. Russell goes to the rehab and busts them both out. Skyler, her boyfriend named Russell (Russell is a psycho cop) and Milton go to this cabin that is on some kind of sacred ground to create meth to sell and things start to get weird for them when no matter what happens in the day of Tuesday, they seem to repeat the day over and over. I cannot recommend this film high enough. This film is a head fuck of an adventure. The film has such a dark sense of humor that really flows with the cleverness of the direction of the film.

Where most directors would over-think this premise, Madellaine Paxson let the characters shine and the premise to be the afterthought at the fun of how they will handle the situation. This is one of those films that make the viewer try to solve the puzzle, but not in a hurry because the fun of this film is just the insanity of what the day brings every day and throw in this love circle, where both guys are in love with her. This can be seen as a dark indie cruel version of Groundhog Day mixed in with elements of Memento. This film’s biggest positive is its uncertainty like for example the first fifteen minutes you are blind as to what is going to happen and what you are going to be experiencing and that you know something bad is coming for the characters, something very bad. This film is basically a cat and mouse game with three people who we watch delivering star making performances that we know we will see more from. This film was so much fun and I cannot say enough positive about it. And they give you an ending that is going to be talked about long after the credits are done. Cruelty has never looked so beautiful, god this film is such a buzz worthy little film that needs to be seen. Blood Punch is a roller coaster ride into hell and madness that you will not want to get off of. A must see film.

9 out of 10