Metal Review: My Hollow: On Borrowed Time (2015)

My Hollow: On Borrowed TimeSometimes labeled as progressive groove metal, sometimes as deathcore, but regardless of what we want to label them as, Toronto, Ontario’s own metal band My Hollow is back with the follow-up to 2012’s Cold Dark Days EP. Their new piece of work is entitled On Borrowed Time and comes at the listener like a ten ton hammer with absolutely no concerns for their safety.

My Hollow is heavy. That is one of the truest statements I have said this year. There is no disputing that fact. Listen to the title track alone and you will hear a multitude of melodies and sounds all of which are heavier than the last. The band borrows from so many subgenres of metal that they are incoherent at times, but always bringing the aggression. If you are looking for some downright angry music to bash your head to, look no further, but keep in mind that this is not your daddy’s metal band. This is a band that is an acquired taste because of their method in which they approach their songs. They are truly all over the place. In some songs, this works well. In others, the band sounds muddy and inconsistent. There is no denying that the grooves are prevalent and crushing.

The album’s amazing artwork should be an indication of what the band is all about. You can tell that times have completely changed. Back in the day, we would purchase albums based on the cover artwork alone. Sometimes, we would look at the titles and decide whether the album was worth dropping ten bucks on, but the cover artwork used to mean something. These days, cover artwork is greatly ignored by most music fans. We only see artwork in its minuscule version on our MP3 players. The days of reading lyrics and liner notes while listening to the album are long gone and I miss those days where the music was far more than the songs alone. We would care about the band members and want to see who they thanked in the liner notes. We would read metal magazines to see what the band was up to and to see what the band members looked like at times. During the days of cassettes, we were lucky to get lyrics and/or pictures in the package.

With all of that retrospective nonsense aside, My Hollow will surely divide metal fans. Some fans will call them the best thing to happen to metal since Pantera. Others will call them incoherent and lacking the focus that fans are looking for. Either way, give them a listen and see which side you fall into. They are definitely worth an hour of your time at the very least.

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