Wicked Channel Interview-Cristina T. Feliciano ( Oblivious Signal)


Before you read this interview and check out this band and their killer new record, I need to shout out some people. The people at Pavement Music have always looked out for our site. Every artist on their label they have personally made sure we got review cds and access to talk to the musicians. Enough ass kissing let’s get to this band Oblivious Signal. I listened to the cd and said to the PR lady, “I have to interview this woman; she is going to be huge”. Well that woman’s name is Cristina and if you have no background into this band well today they have a new cd hitting the iTunes and amazon store. Well, I have to say this interview was fun and I know what kind of schedule all involved have, thanks for doing this for the readers.

1. First off, Cristina thank you for taking time off your busy schedule to talk to us. What was the first record, song or singer that inspired you to pursuit music?
I have a lot of influences, but the very first artists that I listened to that inspired me to do music would have to be Laura Pausini. She is an Italian singer that I admire. The fact that she can sing in so many languages impresses me and it’s something maybe I would like to do one day. 

2. Oblivious Signal is an interesting name for a band. How did you come up with the name for the band, is there a story behind it?
The band was formed a couple of years before I joined. Jason Talley (drums) came up with the name with Nick one day while they were searching for band names. The name is about how people give off oblivious signal’s in their everyday lives that affect them and their life choices. It’s more about creating self-awareness to the vibes and signals you give off. 

3. Let’s just get this out of the way; you are a very beautiful woman. People will see a picture of the band and it fits into this perception of other bands they know. You have the beautiful woman on the front and the guys in the back. What separates your band and what your band offers from the others?
Thank you for the compliment. We are just normal people though. It just so happens I’m the only girl in the band haha. It doesn’t make me any different in the way I get treated within the band though or anything. I like to pride myself in that I can work just as hard as the boys in making sure we are where we need to be with our careers. What separates us from other bands I think would be that we don’t play too much into the sex appeal. I’m not the type to wear very scandalous apparel on stage. I want to make sure we as a band get notoriety for our music, not what I look like at the end of the day. I want to clarify that, sex appeal is not a bad thing though; it is just not for us or me in this band.  

4. Do you feel the media is fair to females in metal? Also, are you a fan of magazines like a Revolver who exploit women in sexy costumes and outfits that put emphasis more on wet dreams than what they offer musically?
My dream is to be actually be on the cover one day, BUT not in a scandalous outfit or lack of an outfit. Ever since I saw Cristina Scabbia on the cover of Revolver, I always had this dream of them doing a feature with both of us with the title reading “Double Dose of Cristina’s” As you can tell I have put a lot thought in this as a goal haha! I don’t feel the magazine really exploits women too much, as I have seen on the cover and in features women in rock such as Lizzy Hale, Maria Brink, and Sharon den Adel looking great, but also not risking their talent being featured over looks. I think as an artist it is a personal responsibility to make sure you put out the image you want, but also deal with the consequences whether positive or negative. I don’t think it’s any magazines ploy to portray an image without the artist consenting to it. 

5. You have been a DIY band for a while now; self-releasing your music, playing shows. How does it feel now that Pavement Records is releasing your new record? Does it change anything now that you have a company helping out?
Yes a lot has changed in terms of we have assistance with marketing, distribution and even tour managing and planning. The music business is hard and there are a lot of things that need to be done to make a band move. It is nice to have that extra help to alleviate a lot of the work we have been doing ourselves. It allows us to focus on writing music and perfecting our show for our fans. 

6. If music did not pan out for you. What was the backup plan?
I have a Master’s Degree in Business and have worked with major electronic clients in the past. I can always go back to consulting as I did before. That’s the beauty of going to school and following your dreams…you ALWAYS have a degree to fall back on. Here in the USA it is very important. 


7. Do you ever get nervous before you go on stage? Or in a studio to record?
My poor band band-mates have to deal with my anxiety before shows all the time. I am one of those people that consistently think of every worst case scenario that could happen and mentally freak myself out. Then I take a shot of whiskey go on stage and all anxiety goes away. It’s the craziest thing. I developed anxiety in my late teens, and it’s something I deal with, but music always seems to calm me on stage. In the studio however, I do not get anxiety. I have an in home studio, and it’s hard to get nervous when you are in your Snoopy pajamas recording. 

8. So you get off stage, the show is over. What do you do with your down time?
I’ve been known for many years to put on chill music after a show to get my mind to calm down from all the loudness. For years I’ve travelled with all the Lifehouse albums in my car or Mp3 player. Sometimes I just need to disconnect and relax. 

9. In the 90’s, Florida had a very huge and thriving music scene. You had the death metal bands hitting every club nightly. You had Creed, well not sure if you want to admit that or not. What is the music scene like today in Florida? Beside you, any other bands you want to shout out?
The music scene is doing ok in Florida. In my opinion it can always do better, but you always have people that care more about the drama than the business. We tend to make sure to surround ourselves with positive bands and we all support each other as much as possible. Some awesome bands we really enjoy playing with from Florida include Red Calling, Auditory Armory and I Woke up Early for My Funeral. These bands put on killer performances and are great humble people as well. They aren’t afraid to show up to shows and support even when they aren’t playing. That’s what a community is about.

10. Oblivious Signal have a record signing. (I want to warn you, these never go good). A fan is so stoked about seeing you comes up and wants you to sign his cd. He reaches into his jacket and pulls out an illegal burn of it, what do you do?
That’s a tough situation. I’m one to avoid those types of confrontations with fans. You never know what background people come from or what circumstances in their life made them do what they did. All you can do especially if it were a signing is thank the fan for coming. You don’t want to embarrass someone in front of other people. 

11. I have to ask, I ask all our female interviews in the field of metal. Have you had any calls or dealings yet with members from Nightwish or The Gathering? They always seem to be looking for new singers. Have you toured with either? If so, on your set list was there a contract to join either band?
We have never toured with Nightwish or The Gathering or any dealings. Both great bands though. I personally am not able to hit some of those registers in their songs, so I would not be inclined to join either at this point without some classical training. I know my limits. I am a big fan of the original singer Tarja and I did like Annette’s soulful sound she brought to the Nightwish. 


12. So what is on a Cristina Ipod? Also, what is the most embarrassing song or record that you will never admit you like, but you like it?
My iPod has everything from local music to national music of all different genres. I have everything from Carrie Underwood to Arch Enemy. My most embarrassing thing I have on there that people always look at me when they see it is my Britney Spears album collection. I’m a big fan, but not many know. 

13. Most of the people reading this interview will be of the male persuasion. If someone wanted to impress you, what would they have to do? (You know if you mention buy some cds, you may go platinum)
Buy some CD’s!!! If you know the lyrics to the music and sing along that is also very impressive. 

14. Otep you may or may not know her. We talked to her before she is a lovely human being. (Sarcasm off now) She made news recently for an opening band on her tour allegedly groping her. You been on a few tours so far, have all the bands been good to you? If not, how do you handle the situation?
The bands we have been on tour with have been awesome and have treated us very kindly. We are all pretty good about handling different personalities, but have yet to really encounter jerks on the road. I guess there is always time for a first. Hopefully not any time soon. There is no room for more negativity in this industry.

15. We are also a site that talks about horror films. Are you a horror fan? If so, give us some recommendations?
I used to be a horror film fan, and for some reason the movie Hostel ruined scary movies for me and I have yet to watch another scary movie since. I used to be a big fan of the Scream Trilogies, Chucky, anything Stephen King as well. 


16. This is filling in the blank….

___RED BULL___is my biggest vice

__Red’s End of Silence___is the one cd I wish we made

__Breaking Benjamin___is the one band or singer I would die to go on tour with

__Global Touring___is the band’s ultimate goal

17. Should marijuana be legalized?

For medical purposes if it helps people.

18. Do you think the US Government really takes all the measures to stop music piracy?
With the internet and masking of IP’s and all the logistics that go into monitoring that kinda of thing, I think the government does what it can do without completely infringing on people’s privacy. 

19. Do you think music in general will ever make a huge comeback?
I think so. The way business in general is that there is always a cyclical economy. I think the same of music. With technology and advancements in distribution and marketing, I think it won’t be long before the industry starts to find ways again to revive itself and bring itself back to the forefront. 

20. That was not so hard, I am bowing to you. This is your chance for any final words to tell your fans.

Thanks you for the great interview, and if any fans want to check out the music and purchase it, you can find it at any music retailer online!

If you dig this interview or you are curious as to what the hype is about..the band can be found at…http://www.ObliviousSignal.com/