Wicked Channel Interview-Bonz (Stuck Mojo/Bonz)


So is Stuck Mojo getting back together has been the question on fans minds. We heard news sources report that they were, that they are in the studio and that they are touring soon. So, some time has passed and here is Bonz releasing a solo record and touring for it. Rich Ward on That Metal Show and they are talking about a Fozzy tour. I say why listen to rumors let’s talk to the source. Bonz is nothing short of a great guy and he has such a busy schedule, I am honored he took some time to talk to us.

1. Bonz, I have to ask right off the bat what is going on with Stuck Mojo? A while back, the word was out that you guys were getting back together and working on new music. Then we see Rich Ward still touring with Fozzy and you releasing a new solo record? What is the update?

Well we are still working out the small stuff like scheduling etc. Corey and I have other commits so we are coordinating trying to get on the same page.

2.       People always seemed to label Stuck Mojo a “rap metal band”. Do you find this label insulting considering your band really has no rap or nu metal elements? How would you describe the band’s sound?
I’m the rap part of the band or Hip=Hop. We are not nu-metal at all I don’t even know what that is…..lol!?? So how about Metal Hip-Hop.

3.       What are your thoughts on the last two Stuck records that Lord Nelson did the vocals? Did you ever listen to them? Should they have been called Stuck Mojo records?
I never listen to the whole record of either recording and yes It should have been called Stuck Mojo. And to set the record straight I called Mr. Nelson and asked him to do a song called Friends so it was me who put that iron in the fire. Lord is a childhood friend, so please understand I never had any malice toward him.  PERIOD!!!!

4. Devin Townsend worked with you guys in the studio in the past. What was the experience of having someone like Devin in your recording sessions?

It was awesome; he was on our level when it came to pushing our sound to where we wanted it go. He is a lot of fun to be around and work with it was like another band member.

5.       Beside the rap metal moniker, what do you think is the biggest misconception of Bonz? Also the biggest misconception of Stuck Mojo?
That a band with a rap vocalist has limitations. It’s the opposite we have no ceiling no boundaries no rules. We can do whatever we want, why?  Because I can sing also, so sky is the limit!!!!


6.       What was the first record, singer or band that inspired you to pursuit music?
Ummmm well there a 2 Run-DMC and Rick James.


7.       If music failed or did not work out for you, what was the backup plan?
There is no Backup plan if so that meant I was going to fail or did not have the confidence to succeed!

8. Let’s be honest, we are in an internet age. Sites report news quicker and people all speak out on it in both positive and negative ways. Besides downloading, do you think the internet has helped or hurt music?

Both, the positive is you can reach more people and gain a broader audience. The negative is it hurts cd sales because people burn or hack your cd.

9.       Your solo record is out now, and let’s be fair. People are going to see your name and expect it to sound just like Stuck. (Which it sounds nothing like Stuck well beside the singer’s voice) Are you happy with the finished product? Also, are there plans on more solo records?
Yes very happy, and there will be more to come. Mojo was my first band and it was a blessing to have a deal with the first band when most have been in multiple bands before getting a deal. Now I have another and plan for more!!!!!

10.   When it comes to metal music, it seems the press only focuses on the negative. When people like ex-bandmates for example air dirty laundry, how do you feel about it? When fans have to join in and add their two cents do you think it goes too far?
Lol finally you ask….IT SUCKS PERIOD!  When we can agree to disagree then let’s just walk away. My mother said to me if you don’t have anything good to say then doesn’t say anything at all, but that’s not the case it has happen to me. And as far as the fans talking shit. That’s all they’re doing just stating their opinion. I do wish people would think before they speak because you can’t take it back once it airs.


11.   You have a somewhat new cd, you know what that means? Those dreaded music critics and bloggers who know it all and hate it all. Do you read all your press? If so, does the negative stuff get to you?
I don’t read all that is printed, most of It I could care less. I’m still going to do me. Then I ask how many do you have on the shelf. I understand that it’s a blessing to even have anyone that wants to listen to your dream. So thank you too everyone Positive and Negative.

12. Do you think America should legalize marijuana? If so, how would you handle the legalization in terms of what it could do for society?

De-criminalize it. It can do a lot for society with the medicinal uses alone.

13. You have toured with a who’s who in music. I am begging you on this one. Who have been the best people you toured with? Also, who have been just complete asses or dicks to you guys?

I hear you begging I will tell you this, Pantera was the best and Type O Negative also and I have to give props to Life of Agony. I can’t tell you who were jerks o.k. could be bad for business. 🙂

14. This is called fill in the blank….

Weed_______is my biggest vice

Damage Plan_____________is the last cd I bought

J-Lo_________is the one person I would love to meet

Vulgar Display of Power_____________is the one cd I can listen to over and over without being sick of it

15. Do you think the Bonz of today could release a record like Pigwalk or Declaration?

Don’t want to.  That was then. I’m trying to recreate the sport we created!

16. I want to say right now, this was an honor. I saw your band live in 96 and you absolutely killed it that night. I never saw such a high energy fun show like that. I am not sure if any of you stood still at one time during that marathon. This is your chance for some final words to your fans.

Thank you so much!! I want to say thank you so much for even taking the time to want to know what I think or feel. It’s nice to be missed, adored or liked, revered or feared. So thank you and please continue to listen to our music and tell your friends. God Bless and Take Care!!!!
Later Bonz!!!!!!! www.facebook.com/bonzband www.bonzband.com

We live in a world where a musician will freely admit they do drugs like it means nothing. But, they will not tell us what bands are bad to us on tour? Should that be reversed? Bonz is a good dude and I get he is waving the flag of trying to be fair.

  • Michele Laughery

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  • Michele Laughery

    BONZ WATCH OUT FOR NUMBER 7….U FUCKED YOUR MUSE MAN. now its going to fuck you.. RETRIBUTION… its always been about business and music and you got it twisted..