Wicked Channel Interview-Alexis Brown (Straight Line Stitch)


1.   Alexis, right off the bat huge fan of yours and the band. What was the first song, band or singer that inspired you to pursuit music?

Thank you very much for very sweet words. To answer your question I’ve always been inspired by music from a very young age. My family has always been musical from my mother singing in church, my father playing saxophone, to my brother teaching himself how to play guitar. I’ve always wanted to sing since I can remember. I originally started off singing R&B, but that changed when my brother got me into metal. I felt I could relate better to the genre (teenage angst & all) Korn was the band that influenced me the most to start looking to join a band.


2.   Straight Line Stitch is a very unique name for a band. Is there a background story about where the name comes from? Were there any other names in the running?

You know I wish I could tell you a cool story about the inception of our name, but to be honest the name was thought of before I had officially joined the band. I was told the band name came from misinterpreted lyrics and they thought it sounded good so they ran with it.


3.   Let’s just cut to the chase, you are a very beautiful young lady. Do you feel the music industry in general treats you fairly? Also, is it an insult to you when you see other females basically selling their images in magazines instead of letting the music do the talking?

You are too sweet!!! How you flatter me!! Thank you. That’s actually a great question. I do think some of us women do get the short end of the stick at times because we haven’t conformed to the whole sex sells gimmick. It’s BS really! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to knock down any other women who what they feel is best for them (everyone’s hustle is different) I guess speaking for myself and representing my band, our whole focus is our music. It’s never been building music around a pretty face.


4.   If music did not work out for you, what was your backup plan?

I never had one. Some might say that was really stupid of me, but it was always music or nothing. I feel if you truly believe in something with your whole heart that you go in with a 100% and nothing less! No backup plan…you believe and know it’s going to work out or you’ll just die trying.


5.   You are about to release a new EP; you know what comes with this? Those dreaded critics who love to either praise or tear apart anything. Do you read all the press you get? If so, does the bad stuff get to you?

I use to stay away from reading anything on the band because it would just literally destroy me. Back when we first got signed and put out a record I think people didn’t know how to take us. At the time it leads to some negative, bad reviews and I would just be devastated. But now things have changed. I stand behind our music. Good or bad, it doesn’t hurt me. I refuse to let it do so…I just don’t have time to let anyone try and break me down.


6.   I have to ask, it seems that every time I turn around you seem to have a new member in the band. You are now the veteran being in this band since what 2002-2003. What is the deal?

Its part of life, life is unpredictable and so are people. Being in a band is a full time job and it’s not what a lot of people think it is. You’re on the road and you miss birthdays, weddings, deaths, births, etc. It’s not a party every day and it’s not about stupid titles of being called a rockstar! It’s more than that! It’s about standing up in front of the whole world, telling your story and being at the mercy of their judgment of you. It’s definitely been hard with a revolving door of members, but you have to weed out the wheat from the chaff. Those who really want to make it and those who want to play at making it.


7.   Let’s talk about the new EP Transparency. Does it get easier to work on lyrics and go into the studio? I would think being in a band and the singer that the pressure has to be high to deliver on both writing and performance.

It absolutely does not get any easier and I think the reason is because you want to always be better than your last time. There is always a crazy amount of pressure to deliver something amazing every time.



8.   When people talk about metal in the south, let’s be honest they usually discuss Texas, Louisiana and Florida. Tennessee most important Knoxville is forgotten. How did you get discovered to be in a band?

The band no longer resides in Knoxville, but has since hailed from many different places. We are still a Tennessee band and our roots will forever be out of Knoxville. I came to join SLS by networking and swapping shows with them when I was in another band. Naturally we became friends and when my old band started to fall apart and SLS wanted a new singer for their band…it was a no brainer that I would try out.


9.   You are at a cd signing, (I have to warn you Alexis, these never go good) and a fan is so excited about meeting you. They are just ecstatic and want you to sign their cd. So they pull out an illegal burn of it. What do you do?

I would smile and sign it of course. It sucks for the artist when people illegally download music but who am I to judge the reasons why people do it. Maybe some people can’t afford it and maybe some just do it to be A holes…I will probably never know. I would not get mad and embarrass someone (that would be a mean thing to do) I couldn’t see myself becoming that uptight about it.



10.      You have toured with a ton of bands and going out with Kittie on the Revolver deal. Who has been the best you been with? Also, who has been the absolute worst? I am asking you to drop some names and sling mud if possible.

This band has been blessed to go out with some amazing bands but we’ve been even more blessed because all the bands we’ve toured with or opened for were mainly all good people.
The absolute best band we ever went out with was DevilDriver and that’s because when we met them they told all the bands that were on the tour “everything we have, you have” and that’s how it was. At another time while on tour with DevilDriver there was a show in Detroit, Michigan and there were some racist people out in the crowd making derogatory remarks while we were playing…naturally it upset me and we left right after we played. The next day I heard that Dez had basically called out the racist group during their set (pretty much telling them to F off) and then he got on our Tour Manager’s ass telling him that he did not want to ever see me upset like that again and if something did happen like that he wanted to be told immediately. So Dez championed me but all of DevilDriver are amazing people. Love those guys. Haven’t met any bands that we strongly dislike and that’s because we’re an easy going band…we prefer making friends instead of enemies.

(Ed-Let the record state in the last 5 years that I have asked every person this question that Ryan McCombs of Soil and Stephen of Taproot are the only musicians who had any issue with a band on tour? Unless you are Nic Endo of Atari Teenage Riot which you had issues with your own band mates on tour)


11.   Alexis I have to ask, what is in your Ipod? Also the most embossing record you own that you will never admit to liking?

I’m so not embarrassed of the music that I listen to…there’s no reason why I should be. I like whatever sounds good to me. I have all kinds of different music on my iPod stuff from Otis Reading to Emmure.  My iPod is full of eclectic music.


12.    Before going onstage in front of a crowd do you get nervous? Also, have you ever forgotten the lyrics to a song? What does one do when that happens?

I get terrible performance jitters and it upsets my stomach a lot of times.  I have also definitely forgotten lyrics to our songs while performing (that’s always fun) I usually scream a bunch of nonsense in cadence of the music lol.


13.      You play onstage, you go offstage. What do you do in your downtime?

Sometimes I read old school Harlequin romance books or play games on my iPad. I’m a really boring person…the band is a big part of my life!


14.    This is called filling in the blank….

Solar Flare Homicide by Emmure______is the one song I wish I wrote

HAIR,WEAVES, & WIGS______is my biggest vice

Stevie Nicks_____is the one person I am dying to meet

I can’t remember honestly_____is the last record on the first day of release I bought

Metallica____is the one band or singer I wish that would take us out on tour


15.    We are also a horror film site. Are you a fan of the genre? If so, give us some titles you are a fan of?

I’m a huge fan of Horror!!! Off the top of my head some titles I like are Rosemary’s Baby, Suspira, The Exorcist, The Devil Rides Out, Amityville, Theatre of Blood, Hellraiser, and a bunch, bunch more.


16.   Let’s be honest, when this interview goes online you will have a huge male following who will read this and female as well. What does someone have to do to get your attention or impress you?  (Now keep in mind if you mention buy some records and know your songs, you may go platinum)

That’s too funny lol Seriously I’m easily impressed. Lol It doesn’t take a lot to make me smile. It’s the people that are kind that impress me the most. I like to think I’m reachable should anyone want to reach out…they can find me and hit me up anytime.



17.   If a young lady came in front of you and said I want to be you when I grow up, what would be your advice?

I would give her a big hug and thank her profusely, but I would tell her that she is unique and doesn’t need to model herself after anyone.



18.   Do you think music in America could ever make a comeback? Also, do you think the government does all it can to prevent piracy?

I’d like to hope so…I’m keeping hope alive. I can’t really say if the government is doing all they can to prevent piracy…I’m sure they could probably do more than what they’re doing but how would I know…I’m sure there’s much more going behind the scenes that none of us even know about.



19.  Should America as a whole legalize Marijuana?

Yes! I think weed is a lot safer than all these other poisons that are legal here in America.


20. Where do you see the band in say 10 years from now?

A huge national ac



21. This was not so hard, and I am bowing to you. I wish you all the luck on tour and with the new EP. This is your chance for any final words.

I just want to express my sincere gratitude to you and your supporters for this awesome opportunity. This was a great interview and the questions were good enough to make me actually ponder a bit. Thoroughly enjoyed your interview, thank you so so very muc



Alexis Brown was a sweetheart. I know people will be pissed that I did not ask her marital status or dating, but she basically told all of you that if you want to impress her, she digs horror, maybe marijuana and romance novels. Tell her you’re a roadie for Emmure see if that works. All jokes aside, I been a fan since 2007 and if you have no idea who she is and who SLS is, on the 30th they have a new EP coming out. They will also be on tour. If you want to make the next “ Zeppelin’s, Metallica’s and this legend or that legend”, you have to support today’s bands and spend some coin and help them get that chance to grow.