Music Review- Category VI – Fireborn


Real Lies
Silence Befalls The Crowd
The Raven
Beginning Of The End
Descent Of The King
Wasting Away

Review-I am so late jumping on this bandwagon, but after hearing this cd, my first thought is…” Where has this band been all my life”? A female led band that is very powerful and a record that is that something the listeners have been wanting instead of anorexic models saying they are metal. Finally a band who treats their female singer with respect instead of parading her around like she is a piece of meat. Category VI is not a band that is symphonic or gothic like you expect from female led bands, but this is band that sounds like Heathen meets Fear of God, old school 80’s metal with so much attitude and passion. This record comes across with such energy and pure metal heaven that right from the start the listener will find it contagious. Lead voice Amanda Gosse really commands your attention with this soaring and angelic fury that she brings to the songs. This cd is a soundscape for her bandmates to really showcase what they bring to the band while their lead singer just delivers on so many different styles from fierce to catchy, from thrash to melodic.

This record balances from catchy to assault, and there is not one song on here that is filler. Songs like Real Lies, I am really shocked that before I put the cd on or searched YouTube, I did not know anything about. How did this song not get any love from modern radio? Descent of the King I cannot stop listening to, what a awesome song. I love the hard feel of the track and how it seems that the more you play it; it never seems to get old. This record has some serious potential and even more talent. Can you picture what this band can deliver the longer they go on? I feel that if this is the tip of the iceberg that this band is going to be the talk of the metal world sooner than later. I am known as the man who loves the female led metal bands, and I listen to probably 15 to 20 new ones a week, this one is the exception. I will not forget this band when the other 19 come along, I will hold them to this standard. This along with Huntress, The Order of Chaos, Face Off, Mystery Blue, Ides of Gemini and Seremonia is the new wave of female led singers that are the best of the best right now in this genre.

8.5 out of 10