Metal Review: Satyricon: Live at the Opera (2015)

Satyricon: Live at the Opera

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I am upset with Satyricon. It is merely April and I already have my album of the year picked out. How I would love to be wrong by having someone outdo their latest effort, Live at the Opera, but I cannot see that actually happening. This album is absolutely crushing on every level.

Satyricon is ridiculously good. There early material is untouchable and tracks like “K.I.N.G.,” “The Pentagram Burns,” “Now Diabolical,” “Repined Bastard Nation” among others speak volumes to me. These black metal legends are one of the few classic bands that can still bring it with the best of them. Each release is ear candy for me with never the fear of a letdown. As the years progress, Satyricon has been no less ruthless in there songwriting.

While the band has not really been known to take many chances, they did offer “Phoenix” on their last release becoming a big departure from their signature sound.¬†With 2015, comes another departure from their sound with Live at the Opera having the band accompanied by the Norwegian National Opera Chorus.

All I can say is “Wow!” The opera does these legends good adding yet another layer to an already deep sound. One would not expect this sound go work with this band, but it seems as if some of these songs were bred for this sound. Songs like “Repined Bastard Nation” are frighteningly good with the extra layer. The outright natural aggression of the track is not lost with the backing operatic vocals. The staple songs that you would expect to hear are all present along with a healthy dose of the band’s latest self-titled effort.

After 1999’s S&M release, Metallica turned heads and began a trend of metal bands wanting to play with classical accompaniment with varying success, but none have come close to the sheer power of Live at the Opera. Satyr and Frost have once again flipped the black metal genre on its head and offered up more proof of who dominates the genre these days.

Live at the Opera is a must-have Satyricon fans and every other metal fan out there.